Blue Amber is a gemsona made by Silk.

She was trapped in a box, and by herself couldn't be unlocked, and she was in that place, because she's a defect of her race...and Green Sapphire you might think she's a criminal, but her kindness comes thru subliminal. Oh, Blue Ambeerrr, you thought you would be trapped foreveerr, oh Blue Aammbeeer, you were so sad but you came out to heerrrr...




Blue Amber was slightly rude and sarcastic, but mostly nonchalant. She cared a great deal for her friends, especially Sterne Ruby, whom she had a crush on.

Weapons and Abilities

Blue Amber possessed all the standard abilities of a regular Gem.


  • When fused with Sterne, they would have formed Crimson Night Stone.

Unique Abilities

  • Future Vision: Blue Amber could see into the future and its possibilities.
  • Telekinesis: Blue Amber could manipulate things with her mind (caused by Cristobalite)
    • Cryokinesis: Blue Amber could create and control ice.
  • Melanokinesis: Blue Amber could manipulate ink (caused by Cyrilovite)
  • Telepathy: Blue Amber could read minds.

Power Limits

Blue Amber cannot:

  • Do anything, she's dead, lol.


  • She is the second Gem owned by Silk to admit their crush, the first being Wood Opal.
  • She is the first Gem owned by Silk to have died that didn't die due to being written off.
    • She will not be brought back to life.

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