Please, Dont Hurt Her...

—Blood Diamond Begging Dark Diamond Not to Shatter Bloody Pearl


Blood Diamond Has Telekinesis and Teleportation. He also has a Sword that can shoot Energy Waves. But, He gives in when someone threatens his Pearl.


Blood Diamond has a Dark Personality Towards Everyone, everyone except Bloody Pearl, He really cares for her.


Blood Diamond and his Pearl Were Inhabitants of Homeworld, He was Next in line for Yellow Diamond's place, but when the Clans took over, He joined them to save his Pearl.


Shifter Topaz

Blood Diamond hates Shifter, He likes to Torment his Pearl like the enemy, Blood Diamond has tried to Shatter him many times.

​Underground Diamond

Underground Diamond was the one who showed Blood Around, He made him feel welcome, they've been buds ever since, even though he's not their willingly.

Dark Diamond Blood Diamond loathes Dark Diamond, He threatened his Pearl, blackmailed him, and worse, He let him be Defeated by Orange Diamond, who has no idea about the situation he's in.

Orange Diamond

Blood Hasn't Dilebertly tried to kill OD, OD has no idea he's being Blackmailed, so he still tries to kill him.

Bloody Pearl

Blood Diamond and Bloody Pearl have been rromantically involved longer than OD and Pink Citirine, Blood Diamond always tries to keep her from harm, even though he works for the Clans.


  • Blood's Favorite Color is Red.
  • Blood Diamond is The Second Character to not like the clans, even though they work for them, the first one is Hawks Eye.


  • Diamond is often considered to be the hardest naturally occurring mineral on earth
  • Diamonds are pure carbon, meaning they are chemically similiar to graphite, which coincidentally is more stable than diamond
  • Diamond is often considered the most valuable gemstone and the queen of gems, a place once held by opals


Image Description
Blood Diamond Blood Diamond's Gem is on his Chest.