• Eelala00ee

    gem ideas

    July 30, 2018 by Eelala00ee

    here are some of gem cut ideas and colour schemes more coming soon. sadly you cant sell them or take them there just refrences not adoptables :(

    here is a adoption of a corrupted gem maybe could be a aquamarine or ice maybe she/he wanted to be more powerfull so she/he had drinked poison the poison makes her/him powefull but makes her/him corrupted and you could also change his/her colours

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  • AventurineSun

    I mean, yeah it's weird and quirky, but it could be real fun. Maybe a parody of our usual Ocs and original stories? Or maybe like our characters are watching T.V and the entire RP plays out as an episode of Crying Breakfast Friends in front of them? Well, if anyone is interested lemme know, it would be fun to make some OCs just for this RP :D

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  • Pikadot

    it has been almost one year since I last made a blog post so might as well come back

    I've been doing stuff. Lots of stuff.

    Recently, I discovered I'm somewhat good at osu!, and proceeded to get consumed by it. Sotarks is my lord and savior.

    Side note: osu! is actually also the reason I remembered that this exists because I saw someone I knew back from when I was active on here in the comments of a Sotarks mapset.

    Now, last blog post, I talked about revamping Moon. Well, haven't done too much on that. Don't worry, it's on my endless to-do list. I might do something with all the free time I have.

    Anyways, yeah. See you soon, hopefully.

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  • DoomyBoy

    Steven, Eli, Russle and Whitney are talking in the Northpeak Lodge cafeteria

    Eli: did what?

    Steven: I fused with Connie

    Russel: That's not possible.

    Steven: I swear it is! Me and Connie were dancing on the beach...

    Whitney: Whoah, whoah, hold up. You were dancing with Connie?

    Steven: Yeah

    Whitney: Like...alone?

    Steven: Um...yes?

    Whitney: Steven, buddy, i tell you this as you friend, she is WAY out of your league.

    Steven: Huh?

    Eli: Ignore him, back to the story

    Steven: Ok, well Connie tripped and i caught her and then we fused into Stevonie!

    Russel: Ok...I mean that definitely sounds fake but OK.

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  • Katrinasis


    July 14, 2018 by Katrinasis

    Well, I guess I should finally introduce myself.

    Hi! My name's Kathy and I like O.Cs. You might know me from the Steven Universe Fandom Wiki. I'm always open for RPs, so feel free to message me!

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  • DoomyBoy

    Are you tired of the treatment that Gems recieve under there Diamonds? Join the New Homeworld Order! We fight for

    • Removal of the Cast system
    • Equal Treatment to all gems
    • ending the Homeworld militant invasions of new planets!
    • Removal of prejudice against Off Colors and Cross Fusions!

    Founded by Pink Diamond's former Elite Gem Cherry Quartz and an anomynous Ally, the New Homeworld Order is a reveloution bent on the reform of homeworld! Come to our base on *Pzzzzt* at *PZZZT* for recruitment!

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  • Dani2021

    Summer break is near.

    June 24, 2018 by Dani2021

    Summer break is coming near and hopefully maybe Pokemonboy3000 and Goldensunsheba will might return during this summer break (if pokemonboy3000 doesn't have anything college related to do this summer). 

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  • Deyvan Salez

    i'm back maybe

    June 7, 2018 by Deyvan Salez

    so is there anything I should know before returning kinda

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  • DoomyBoy

    (This is a reaction to Beryl and Sodalite's discovery of Rose Quart's true identity.)

    Sodalite walks into Beryl's observation room on the Eye Spy.

    "You find anything?"

    Beryl shrugs

    "Not really. The crystal clods never do anything as interesting as Boku no Hero Acadamia"

    Suddenly one of the monitors crackle to life and Steven's voice is heard over the speakers

    "Mom was Pink Diamond."

    Beryl blinks, confused, before remembering who Steven refers to as "Mom"


    Sodalite facepalms

    "Calm Down...we, we don't report it."

    "But, Sodalite...if she finds out..."

    "NO ONE CAN FIND OUT! This information could des…

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  • AventurineSun

    Do not under any circumstance catch lyme disease, oh my sweet jeebus don't. In any case I'm starting to feel like I'm going to live ( don't think I was ever going to die but definitely wished for the sweet embrace of death more than once ) so I'll probably catch you good people by the weekend.

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  • Devan4590

    IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! Oh wait. My birthday way yesterday. Either way, my party is going to be today! So I'd love it today!

    😄😁🤡🍥🍦🍭🍰🎂🍩🎳 🎉 🎈 🎊

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  • Esquilo30


    May 22, 2018 by Esquilo30

    Hi guys, today is my birthday!!

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  • GeekSheep

    Hello! So I'll cut right to the chase seeing how I'm not sure what else to say: I'm going to take requests for fake pearl points of your character. I'll post and example of the one I made of my OC Fancy Orange Sapphire , and these requests are completly free. I'm a bit busy so I'll only take the first three requests and I'll try to have them done by the end of the week if not sooner. Just request in the comments if you would like one!


    1. Dumortierite Quartz (IlluminatedBulb)

    2. Aventurine (AventurineSun)

    3.  Brimstone (Devan4590)


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  • Sir-Mr-Programmer

    If PD is Rose Quartz, Then is the a real Rose Quartz

    I think we has one she call Sabina(Mystery Girl) and she live with the human.

    "Rose Quartz became more attached to Earth's life and beauty as time went on, often leaving her post to examine and even participate with the life teeming around her. Rose could not keep her findings secret forever, however, and eventually asked her fellow kindergarteners if they knew the life on Earth and what they made of it, which raised the concern of Pink Diamond, who then summoned Rose to her. Rose pleaded for her Diamond to stop the colonization and leave the plane" 1

    I beleven every thing on this first part is true and not a lie.But i think that her stroy end hear and she never  started a rebellion that w…

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  • Livi-Moonfish

    i just want to be rid of these

    i don’t even care if you have money for them or not you can have them for free

    but if you have any points to actually pay for them or donate i’ll love you forever and i’d appreciate it so much

    and please please please ignore the awful terrible art this is almost a year old and i hate it

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  • VeradunMalgus

    New AU

    May 10, 2018 by VeradunMalgus

    I 've recently created an AU that I call the Covenverse.

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  • Jet-Black91

    Allow me to introduce Jet, aka Jet Facet T800 Cut X10.

    Jet was created mid war by Peridot Facet T500 Cut O73, a technician working under Pink Diamond who, in an effort to help the Diamonds win the war created a Gem that could do what no Quartz or Ruby soldier could do. Jet was designed to be the ultimate infiltrator/spy/assassin. To accomplish this, Peridot created a Gem with two gem's instead of one. The secondary gem, shown on his right hand, functions as his normal gem would, allowing him to store weapons and retreat his form inside of it, though it has one significant feature. This gem acts as an advanced learning computer, allowing Jet to store vital information such as vocal pitches, speech patterns, body language, skin tones, and oth…

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  • Livi-Moonfish

    just lmk which south park character you’d want walking around your screen

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  • DoomyBoy

    Ugh. So, I was prepared today to give a good long rant on how my parent's grounded me after my computer fell last night. At first glance the computer ws fine so, I thought, no big deal. But my parents grounded me anyway...

    Turns out that they may have had a reason to, but i don't know if they knew. The end of my charger broke off in the charge port, so I basically have a week or more till I'll have tons of freetime for this wiki.

    Hindsights 20/20

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  • DoomyBoy

    Wasteland Gems update

    April 19, 2018 by DoomyBoy

    Ok, so I know I mentioned a Cayden Bomb a few months ago, but then my dad had a heart attack and life got me behind, which put the series on hiatus, but it will be coming back. I hope to have cool clear watertown written by the end of this month...notice I said hope to, not I guarantee that.

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  • Deyvan Salez

    i'm back.. kinda

    March 29, 2018 by Deyvan Salez

    I return from the depths of hell

    and here I am, back again.

    only here to stick around for a few seconds(aka probably a few months)

    just here to make a freakin' fan series to celebrate the fact that the P5 anime is coming out next month

    so sup.

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  • DoomyBoy

    Ok...I'm back

    March 28, 2018 by DoomyBoy

    So, I'm here to talk about my...disapearance.

    Basically, my dad had a heart attack and had to have Quintuple bypass. He's doing better now.  I'm hoping to be able to be on the wiki more often again. The Cayden Bomb I previously anounced has been pushed back by this, obviously.

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  • Devan4590

    For those of you who are new, Welcome to this community! We're all crazy to a degree, and you will be crazy here too.  Thing is, some people are not familiar with this. So basically, I've made this guide to help you out. Also answer FAQ's. Remember, this isn't a substitute for the existing guidelines. Review them here [1]

    This is one of the most common questions I get. So I'll answer it here. OC stands for Original Character. Original Characters are characters that we the fanon members make up. They aren't canon Characters. 

    For those of you who are on desktop mode. click the button that says "Add" in the top right corner. However, those of you who are on mobile, I'm not sure how to do so directly. The best way to do so is to go to the comme…

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  • DoomyBoy

    Upcoming Cayden Bomb

    March 1, 2018 by DoomyBoy

    Ok. I don't know how I got so behind on Wasteland Gems , but I swear, I'm going to catch up! There will be at least Eight episodes realeased over the next two months, hope you enjoy!

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  • The Mind Player II

    Just read the title, there is nott much to say about that.....


    Just take em and change the title of the character you choose... pft, I do not care


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  • Deyvan Salez

    Geez, what happened?

    February 19, 2018 by Deyvan Salez

    Like seriously, what happened to everyone?

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  • Goldensunsheba


    February 16, 2018 by Goldensunsheba

    I am currently in the process of moving so I will not be very active, I've been packing for a while. I don't know when I will be sorted but I will be lurking around still.

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  • The Mind Player II

    Hello eveyrbody, I wanted to invite some people to this Discord server where me and a bunch of other peeps are doing a BNHA rp, I have used some of my SU OCs in the rp, and as long as you make up a "quirk", a decent backstory, and make your character "human" (That is a very loose term), you can start RPing freely!

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  • Ejons99

    Is this place still alive?

    February 10, 2018 by Ejons99

    The title speaks for itself really...

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  • Deyvan Salez

    Back again

    January 21, 2018 by Deyvan Salez

    ..But not for long.

    EXPLANATION:frigg you exams

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  • Deyvan Salez

    Yeah, I know this has been said and done before. Anyways, i’m busy sorta and I gotta do stuff, and I currently don’f like how I start rps.

    I always like making roleplays with my own ideas in mind, but no one seems to ever continue it or join it. Maybe my plot premise was too simple and I had to make it more complex? Which also didn’t work when I try to be too ambitous with my ideas. Anyways, leaving for a while again and I just ranted, can’t be bothered to write a lot

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  • Devan4590

    Discord Server

    December 21, 2017 by Devan4590

    We're starting a discord server! We just need you guys to join!

    Roles will be assigned accordingly

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  • Deyvan Salez

    Welcome to my INFO DUMP for

    BTW:A turn ends when someone does an action like attacking

    Player start with 10 XP to invest in to the stats(EG cannot be invested more than 5 in the beggining, also EG is automatic +1)

    When leveling, ADD THE STATS YOURSELF. So, when you say you leveled up, showcase your new stats instead of wht is added to the old stats.

    You start with 3 skills:

    1.Rest:Heals you fully and restores STMN. Costs no stmn. Can only be used outside of battle. Can be interrupted, so you won't heal

    2.Boost:Raise all of your stats, excluding STMN and HP by 1. The number of SKL stat adds .5 to the boost. Costs 40 STMN. Lasts 5 turns

    3.Block: Def raises by 10 for the next turn, but -5 to STR. The numbe…

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  • Deyvan Salez


    December 18, 2017 by Deyvan Salez

    This wikia is pretty dead.

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  • Decelfin

    I feel like Ronaldo

    November 24, 2017 by Decelfin

    I have a blog here.  Therefore I am Ronaldo.  

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  • Esquilo30

    Hi guys, now the moment you've been waiting for. the results of the poll. The winner is...

    The Fearsome Trio

    Congratulations for those who voted for them and I'm sorry for those who voted for the character who didn't win. The Fearsome Trio will be added in an upcoming RP. Thank you for voting.

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  • TheSunkenGems

    Hello! Sorry for Leaving =(. I've been busy, I guess. Anyways, A While ago I Made a Post Asking for Help With Boulder Opals New Design. And, I Redesigned him, so..... Time for Another Poll! There are 3 Designs Below. I Want you to choose your favorite one! Be Honest Please! And Remember to leave your answer in the comments!

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  • Esquilo30

    Poll Reminder

    November 14, 2017 by Esquilo30

    For those in this wikia, the RP only character poll is due to end friday. So for those who didn't vote just click below and vote as quickly as possible.

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  • Deyvan Salez

    Hello! Long time no see here, and some of you are probably wondering why I left? So lemme answer that with some... Yeah, answers.

    Q:Why leave tho

    A:Eh, I kinda lost interest in Steven Universe. I lost interest in it WAY BEFORE the oh so great hiatus. Maybe it is because I became Homestuck trash? Maybe it's because I found something better, or lost interest... But if I revealed the other reason I left probably will get me banned from like a million websites.

    Q:What happen to your characters

    A:They'll stay there, but no one can claim them, since I may come back

    Q:What happen to Gemstuck and One last request

    A:Both of them are dead

    Q:When you return

    A:Probably next year or so?

    Q:What you discord

    A:Deyvan Salez#2503

    Anyways, those are questions that may …

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  • Livi-Moonfish


    i need to do some roleplays

    and i need to use my lesser used gems (but also corindon and kaolin because i really want to use them)

    if anyone is up for a 1x1 roleplay with me

    throw me an idea and we can do something please

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  • DoomyBoy

    "Ruby facet 3455, returning, Ruby facet 3456, returning, Ruby facet 2457...shattered." 

    Jet 2147 stood in line with his 30 brothers. This was their first assignment after being formed, and it was apparently important enough for them to be inspected by a Saphire. He had heard a rumor that they were going to be building a kindergarten on Earth. Nothing too unusual for a jet, they should...

    The Saphire stopped at Jet 2130 "Jets 2130-2160...none return" and then she kept on walking. 2147 was shocked. None return...not even one? He wanted to force that Saphire to be more specific. He wanted to demand she tell him if they would die or just never leave earth...but that would only get him killed. He and his brothers were Jets...the thirty of them we…

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  • Dani2021

    Since Everyone is Rioting on the Internet about the Teen Titans GO Movie coming this summer of 2018 I wanted to talk about what if they did made a movie adaptation of Steven Universe (or any other Good CN movies) What would the plot be about?,who would be the Co-director,producer,screenplay writer,music compser,and story witer(Probably Rebecca Sugar)?

    Here's my idea: On March Break Peridot Was just surfing the web on her Tablet until she see  something that appared to be a Semi Corrupted Gem on her E-mail.Suprised by this She Quickly heads to Steven's house to show him.Steven thinks it's just a Computer virus until it starts reeking havoc through Beach City and all over the World Consuming Data while trying to contact Homeworld.

    They soon le…

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  • Goldensunsheba

    The forums are dying, everyone is losing interest in SU but I wanted to do a Pokemon cross over.

    I was kinda inspired of usining out Gemsona's to be in a school to train their pokemon to become Totem Pokemon.

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  • Burbot019


    November 1, 2017 by Burbot019

    Set in ‘AFAHC’. I’m sorry for dishonoring you, Livi. —�- If you told me I would grow a crush on her at the beginning of the shattering squad, I’d laugh. Then slaughter you.

    If you told me I’d want to spend every single moment with a Gem who can’t even say ‘I’ or ‘me’, I’d do the above.

    Yet here I am.

    I don’t know how I did it, but I did it. I fell in love with a Gem who used to get mad at me, who I used to mock. Who was my enemy, at least I was hers.

    But here we are, together, staring at the sun go across the sky. And here I am, wanting nothing more than even a quick kiss with her, to know how it feels to be with her, even for a second. To hold her in my arms, and to be kissed back by the most beautiful Gem from any world.

    But I don’t. She’d re…

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  • Devan4590

    Here it is!

    We learn some things from this

    1: Peridot and Lapis are revealed to have tried calling Steven on while he was Homeworld. Lapis thought Steven lost his phone, but Peridot thought Steven was ignoring them.

    2: Connie leaves Steven with Lion.

    3: Nanefua was running for mayor of beach city.

    4: Pearl says there are things impossible for her to explain, but she wants to.

    5: Sadie, Steven, and the cool kids sing a halloween-esque song.

    6: Mayor Dewey is stressed about Protests in beach city.

    7: Lapis looks pissed and ends the call.

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  • Devan4590

    World Flip

    October 28, 2017 by Devan4590

    I’ve only been conscious for one week. I learned how beautiful emotion could be, and my whole world has been turned upside down.

    And IT WAS EXCITING AS HECK! First there was the trial of the last Chrysoberyl! That went downhill very fast. The psychotic Rubellite I read about lashed out, melted 2 zircons and Yellow Diamond’s Pearl! I took my chance and used my green power on both of the Diamonds and they both fell down like colossal bowling pins! I also blasted Blue Pearl with my Yellow Power. Though I had to use my orange power to teleport us out…and we fell down to Homeworld’s surface.

    I had to stay with them because I didn’t have any other options and granted, We were all wanted Criminals.

    And as with all wanted criminals, we got jumped a f…

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  • Goldensunsheba

    She is Beautiful

    October 27, 2017 by Goldensunsheba

    I've never considered it before, but she is beautiful. Not in the same way I feel about Ice, but something about her took me in awe. When she was sad I couldn't help myself, I needed to be near her and do anything I could to cheer her up. Her Flower...a Crystal gem, I despise all of them, but I wouldn't dream of hurting her. Had I grown soft?

    The gem screamed in pain and snapped me back to my focus, they were reaching their melting point begging and pleading that they would tell what they knew. I back up a bit.

    "Spill it than, I won't hesitate to melt you into pieces, darling," I sneered down at the squirming gem. I lived for this, I loved this, I didn't care for this gem. But the words that came from their mouth made me freeze.

    "I saw her, s…

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  • Devan4590

    Scatter and Wilt

    October 27, 2017 by Devan4590

    She's starting to wilt. Chrysoberyl’s own tiny, unstable mind has gotten her into a hole that she can’t get out of.

    6660 years of living and she could beat an anomalously colored ruby but couldn’t beat a 3 way fusion. Chrys failed, and I failed. We saw her go up to the stars.

    Everyone panicked. Just like what Steven did.  A week passes and we’re all out of our minds. It’s just like what happened to Steven all over again. The Agency thinks we’re all crazy. but then She was the one who suffered the most. One week goes by and a screaming pink meteor comes down. She ran past all the agents and looked to see a Pink Gem. She yells like a military interrogation is underway about Chrysoberyl and all the pink gem had to say was,“Chrysoberyl has moved out t…

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  • Burbot019

    Nothing is Beautiful

    October 27, 2017 by Burbot019

    I've never been the philosopher in my group. My friends, rather, what were my friends would tell you I'm the exact opposite of a deep-thinker: cocky, egotistical, a victimizer but rarely a victim. Even my nickname means 'insane' in Porteguese.

    But those things stop counting when you're in space, don't they? Especially when you know you're going to the place you'd never want.

    It was my own fault, really. Who makes a deal based off what happens to a rabbit that can run away? Who makes the winner have the loser's life in their hands?

    But that's what happens when you survive for centuries: you think you're invincible, even when tripping on the sidewalk could kill you.

    I look back at the Gem who is my 'master' (apparently her name's 'Callaina'?). S…

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  • Devan4590


    October 25, 2017 by Devan4590

    I was Playing Supergiant Games' Transistor one night, and that night when I went to bed I had a thought about if SU characters were in Transistor. Steven took Red's role, but still had his voice. Connie took the Unknown subject's role, so she was kinda killed in the beginning but now lives as the Transistor. 

    The people of Beach city took the roles of the people of Cloudbank. Each of them had a trace corresponding with a character from the game,Transistor. Steven was able to get each of the traces and functions from the beach city people. Here are some functions that I remember.

    Onion: Jaunt()

    Sadie: Spark()

    Ronaldo: Mask() (I don't know why)

    Jenny: Bounce()

    Koffi: Load()

    Buck Dewey: Get()

    Kevin: Load()

    The ones who didn't have a Trace I think were…

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