• Toluene

    Gem Concert Band

    June 24, 2017 by Toluene

    A news flash shows up on a monitor near you. It states that a new anthem of Homeworld has been orchestrated and is needing to make its debut. Auditions for all concert band instruments are now being held. It also states that the Diamonds and other elite gems will watch it live at the Grand Concert Hall on Homeworld. You know, the one that can seat 50,000 gems. So play your best during your audition! Thousands are entering. And if you make it, feel honored that you'll be conducted by White Diamonds own Tetartine.

    Hey so like, my director challenged me to come up with a short one to two-minute concert band song because he saw how much I loved band music. So I did that. Well, I'm in the process of doing it. Anywho, I thought it would be cool t…

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  • Nrwynter

    Moving On

    June 23, 2017 by Nrwynter

    I've been inactive on this wiki for a while and it's mostly because I moved on to my own wiki. There's two reasons for this:

    1. I have way too many gemsonas... like an absurd amount and I didn't want to flood this wiki with them. 
    2. After a while, it felt like I didn't really fit in with its community. it just seemed like I couldn't find my place in it and that made me feel a bit uncomfortable after a while.

    So I'll be leaving this wiki. I'm going to leave my gemsonas here, though. I don't really see a problem with it even if the information will become outdated. I want to thank those who've been very nice and helpful to me while I was here. It was fun while it lasted, but it's time to move on.

    Take care!

    -N.R. Wynter

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  • Silkworm Bot

    Had it Coming

    June 20, 2017 by Silkworm Bot

    Svay woke up in a prison cell, staring at the ceiling. She heard murmuring from below, and looked down, seeing six Gems on trial.
















    Allura: "I betcha you'd have done the same!"

    A spotlight shone on a small, blue Gem, who Svay somehow knew was named 'Ice', despite never seeing such a Gem.

    'Ice' started speaking.

    "You know how people have these little habits that get you down? Like Rube. Rube liked to complain. No, not complain, rage."

    "So I come home from a mission and I'm really irritated and looking for some sympathy, and there's Rube, storm…

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  • Goldensunsheba

    More art time.

    June 18, 2017 by Goldensunsheba

    Some more of my art.

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  • Toluene

    Quick Cameos

    June 11, 2017 by Toluene

    I'm canceling this because it's not working out how I planned. Sorry.

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  • Devan4590


    June 10, 2017 by Devan4590

    YAASSSS! MY ACCOUNT IS FIXED! I just got some technical Support and turns out I was getting my password wrong! But no worries, I fixed it and Now everything shall return to normal! 

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  • Disgustedorite

    Right now, all Lattice fauna exist as sub-pages of Lattice itself. This seemed like a good idea at first, but now it just makes it hard to add links to them.

    So, I will be moving all of them to their own pages and using a new format for them and all plant species on Lattice as well. The format will be as follows:

    Species Name (Lattice Fauna/Flora)

    I will begin making the changes shortly after posting this blog.

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  • Deyvan Salez

    So erm, I have this roleplay idea, in which our OCs be in like, a survivor season and stuff.

    If you don't know what Survivor is, it's basically a show in which people compete with teams or against just everyone in challenges, and everyone who loses has to go to an elimination period in which the players vote off other players.. And stuff. So I decided to make a ROLEPLAY out of this. Ask to join, if you want


    It's just a normal day in life, when suddenly a floating tablet appears. It said it invited you to a game in which the winner gets anything they want, and once you read that line, a floating stick appeared. It said that a floating stick would appear to prove it. You read more details, and press a button.. When suddenly, you are wa…

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  • ZirconGirl

    This the list of the Rulers who represent a Ship:

    Me = Lapidotland

    Silkworm Bot= Pearlnetherlands

    ???= Japiasia

    ???= The Pearlmethyst Republic 

    GarnetGal= Rupphireland 

    ???= Amedotia

    Me = United States of Kevamiea

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  • Aspenha

    today's my birthday

    June 2, 2017 by Aspenha

    im 14 now!!!

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  • Steven watcher

    Hello all

    June 2, 2017 by Steven watcher

    So for those long time users of SU fanon, you'll all know know me as the guy who was in practically every fight between users, not to mention the guy who doesn't know when to quit, for those of you who haven't been around that long, welcome to the wiki, sorry for the prolonged welcome.

    So on to the point, as of a few recent events, two in particular, I have decided to give SU fanon another shot, so, I'll be participating in RPs and hopefully not in my signature arguments (somehow I've managed to get myself wrapped up in some of them even while I was away, but hey what can I say)

    So this is my return, hope the PTSD won't send y'all into relapse

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  • Silkworm Bot
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  • TheSunkenGems

    Hey Everyone! Recently i finally redrew my oc: Boulder Opal! This drawing is a huge improvement from last time, however, I came up with a few palletes, but cant choose which i like most. So, I'm letting you decide! Comment which outfit you like most, and whichever gets the most votes by June 13, will be the next regen for her! So, Please Vote!

    ~TheSunken Gems

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  • Pokemonboy3000


    May 30, 2017 by Pokemonboy3000

    Lets chat about this!!  Spoilers!! Below!! 

    So we got 6 new gems 

    1. Blue and Green Zircon (sorry aguna)
    2. Rhodonite (pearl+ ruby)
    3. Rutile twins 
    4. The polyamomorus fusion Flourite 
    5. Padparascha sapphire. 

    We got info that Rose might not have been a shatterer. 

    We got Blue diamond has the ability to project he emotions (that explains Golden's previous qualm with Rose connecting with Blue Diamond )

    Yellow Diamond can use destabilizer blasts 

    Eyeball is back on HW and pissed. 

    Lars died and came back to life so did lion. 

    Lars can access the portal dimension and stayed on HW. 

    Lets talk!!! 

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  • Foxy02016


    May 25, 2017 by Foxy02016

    So my character got approved but what role plays do you want to see me make with Emerald? You are all invited to my role plays

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  • Ventor12

    It's my birthday.

    May 25, 2017 by Ventor12

    Happy Birthday to me!

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  • Livi-Moonfish

    Well, so Watp! has been sitting there for like a year now, never being written. So I'm ending it. But I won't really get rid of the characters. If you're my friend you can take one from this list. If you're unsure if I'd give you one just ask. The art is old, so I'll draw something new for you eventually. Oh yeah, and they all don't have pages. And some of them don't have art. Just take a shot in the dark, why not.

    • Bastard Emerald
    • Night Emerald
    • Evening Emerald
    • Royal Azel
    • Royal Lavulite
    • Royal Lazelle
    • Roselith
    • Melaconisa
    • Kalsitla
    • Gouttes D'eau
    • Raspberyl

    There's reasons behind why you can't choose from all of them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  • Silkworm Bot




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  • Ventor12

    I want to make an alignment chart for canon Steven universe similar to the D&D alignments but I need help on where to place characters.  

    Check this article for background:

    So this is what I have so far:

    Lawful Good: Crystal Gems.

    Neutral Good: Lapis Lazuli 

    Chaotic Good: Rose Quartz.

    Lawful Neutral: (Unknown)

    True Neutral: Corrupted Gems

    Chaotic Neutral: Bismuth

    Lawful Evil: The Diamonds

    Neutral Evil: Kevin.

    Chaotic Evil: Jasper.

    So if you guys have suggestions about who might fall under what or if I need to move someone then please do tell me.

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  • Goldensunsheba

    Tiffany Stone

    May 14, 2017 by Goldensunsheba

    Tiffany Stone, I think I'm satisfied with this.

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  • DearlySkies

    I'll update this... when it's not 10 at night...

    That's right! Yet another cameo submission blog! This one is insanely different because I really need to wrap up all of my fanons and they need to be done before the end of August... So, to move things along, I will be needing gem cameos!

    Fanon Title Ep. Total Ep. Finished Ep. Unfinished
    Treble in Tokyo 16 10 6
    Loneliness on World Y 16 8 8
    Caste Labyrinth 8 2 6
    NightQuest 8+ 3 5+

    It's really just to see where I can fit characters in and move the story along. I don't want to make a slew of background characters, that takes much too long... I would know, I've written about 25 novels but never published a single one because I don't feel confident in my details...

    Treble in Tokyo takes place on Earth but t…

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  • Ventor12

    New account.

    May 14, 2017 by Ventor12

    Hey Guys it’s me. It’s the same ghost behind the throne labeled “Devan4590”. I encountered a problem with my account and I won’t tell you why. But just so you guys know, This is me. Please try to get used to it until I figure out what is happening with my other account. If you need more proof it was me, I will tell you something bad happened April Fool’s day this year and it wasn’t a horrible April Fool’s joke.

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  • Just a sarcastic boy

    Hello, i am JASB, and this, is my new blog callede hurt and heal. well, you probably heard about this, didn't you?if you didn't(then you live under a rock), the rules are simple. you will just vote for who you want to hurt( -1 life) and who to heal(+1 life). Every character starts with 5 lifes, and 10 is max health.

    So, let's start, shall we?:

    Steven: 7

    Amethyst: 7

    Garnet: 7

    Pearl: 6

    Centipeedle: 2

    Peridot: 7

    Jasper: 9

    Eyeball: 3

    Leggy: 4

    Doc: 5

    Army: 5

    Bismuth: 6

    Holly Blue Agate: 6

    Carnelian: 6

    "Skinny" Jasper: 5

    Yellow Diamond: 6

    Blue Diamond : 10 (full)


    Rose Quartz-20th

    Ronaldo "Bloodstone"-21th 

    Lapis Lazuli-22th 

    And before you ask, bloodstone is NOT a joke.

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  • Disgustedorite

    So now that the bomb has aired...BOY.

    It's time for Homeworld. And you know what that means--a whole bunch of new Gems that will officially contradict all of our gemsonas. When this happens, most people change gemstones and move on. But we're gonna run out of those pretty soon.

    I have a solution.

    About a month ago, I made a page about something that I've been using for a while to justify some of my OCs. And I think it's about time I say to y'all...Anomalous Gems are the answer. That's how you explain your non-canon gemsonas.

    so yeah, go have a field day with that and never rename your OCs out of shame again!

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  • Deyvan Salez

    So if you went into this blog post, you may be wondering


    Basically, it's a "game" where people roleplay. I wanted it to be like dungeons and dragons, but it was badly made. So I instead made it literally Dungeons and dragons.(WOW SO ORIGINAL DEVIN)


    Strength:(How strong you are)

    Dexterity;How fast you are(Determines who moves first)

    Charisma:How much people trust you(Npcs)

    Wisdom:How well you are with abilites and magic

    Intelligence:How smart you are(More options)

    Constiution:How much you can take a hit

    I am the dungeon master, and basically.. You say a thing you wanna do. Then you do it if it's allowed. Roll a dice, if it's 10-19 then it happens, if it's anything else you fail(Hit someone else, or fail)…

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  • Silkworm Bot

    Okay, so i'm reading this thread of unpopular opinions on Smogon. Since I think it's long dead (and i don't have a smogon account anyway), you will a l l have to suffer for this opinion. MWAHAHAHA!

    Opinion: Bug should still be weak to Poison, and vice versa.

    Now, before you say that was merely a bug (which i kinda think it is), let me show you my reasons:

    Behind Lore: In Japan, bugs are usually superheroes or superheroes are bug-themed. It would make sense to have it super effective against Poison, as Poison is seen as vile, and monsters made of gunk that had to be beaten were common in Pokemon days. And it makes sense for vice versa, as Poison was the villain type tp the bug's hero, and villains could win sometimes. (Albeit not for long.)


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  • Aspenha

    Gemsona Resources

    May 6, 2017 by Aspenha

    okay so basically i've had some trouble making gemsonas in the past (i gave a peridot a green dress that's a sin in itself), and i dont want you all to fall into the mistakes i have so if you want to make a new character, or your first gemsona you're in the right place

    • a gem list i started in 2016.
    • a gemsona help blog by dearlyskies
    • another gemsona help blog

    • okay so don't make your character a fashion disaster by making them wear something like a yellow or orange dress when their complexion is green, it's not okay and i've done it before. i suggest taking inspiration off of looks from Rupaul's Drag Race and fashion week

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  • Goldensunsheba

    Took my test today and pasted WHAHOO~

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  • Aspenha

    discord server?

    May 1, 2017 by Aspenha

    shouldnt we make like an official discord server for this wikia? chat hasn't been active since january or february... and it'd be great to talk to everyone in a live chat again, it's been what feels like ages.

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  • Pokemonboy3000

    Hey this is a blog post for those few (like 4 or 5 people) that activiely read my fanon. We are coming up on the season finale as after in the Pink is posted there will be 5 episodes left. Now I'm wondering would people prefer if I released them incrimentally over the course of May and June or if I did a sorta Steven bomb and released all 5 in one week in June? Let me know!

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  • Silkworm Bot

    Hap Hap

    April 26, 2017 by Silkworm Bot

    "Happy birthday to me!"

    "Happy birthday to me!"

    "I sprinkled this cupcake with shards"

    "Of a Gem who disobeyed me!"

    " And many mooooore!~"

    ((Welp, today is Chrysoberyl's first birthday!

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  • Silkworm Bot
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  • Livi-Moonfish

    Well, yeah. This is a thing that's gonna happen for at most like, a month.

    So for the last couple of months I've been trying to get into a high school that's teaching all the things I want to learn in life. Today I just got a letter from them that said they won't consider me because I have bad grades, and they'll consider me again if my grades become acceptable by the time they're still accepting students.

    So, I'm gonna be dedicating now till the end of May for schoolwork and bringing up my grades. I'm not sick of this place or anything, but I know that if I stay I'll get nothing done. So consider everything I was doing at the time on hold, and please take the time to bump roleplay threads occasionally and keep the Ask Onicolo blog alive.


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  • Livi-Moonfish

    Ask Onicolo!

    April 22, 2017 by Livi-Moonfish

    "Hey! So Flower told me one of her friends did one of these one time, so I decided it'd probably be good enough! So well, ask your things I guess!"

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  • ItzAaronPenyami


    April 21, 2017 by ItzAaronPenyami


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  • Silkworm Bot

    am i bad

    April 21, 2017 by Silkworm Bot
    they're strategically terrible and i always lose with them but i still love them Read more >
  • DearlySkies

    I'm working on NightQuest right now and the third episode ([Uncovered]< [0003]). If you don't know what this is, you can read up about it here! It's a kind of "make your own adventure" style series that focuses and can only survive on community suggestions. But, of course, I need gems to forward the story!

    How will this work? Same as the last two times, actually.

    There will be an example entry in the comments. It should follow the format below : 

    • Name : 
    • Occupation : 
    • Height : 
    • Gender Pronoun : 
    • What were they doing before they blacked out?
    • Their Page should be linked at the end.


    • If there are any of my characters you'd like to see in the comic, suggest those, too!
    • Humans will not be accepted, once again.
    • Fusions will be accepted, on the other ha…

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  • DearlySkies


    I was thinking about making a blog or comic or story that's almost entirely community driven.

    If you'd like an example of something like this, go see RWBYQuest or if you remember Choose Your Own Adventure, it's kind of like that.

    I'll start the story with something or someone and then go on a little way. You can then submit comments or messages with what actions you'd like to have happen and such. It can be really comical but also really serious if you go that way.

    Heck. I'm out of time. I'll explain a bit more later.

    But does that sound interesting? Would anyone be interested in participating by submitting quest…

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  • Silkworm Bot

    How To Make a Ship

    April 16, 2017 by Silkworm Bot

    wow stevi so original

    oh hush @me

    anyway based off my own experience, im going to make a ship guideish thing!

    • Don't make it seem forced, especially onto yourself! 
    • If your character never felt any positive emotion when with them before, it probably won't work out.
    • Do not make a ship for the purpose of making a ship; it's okay to be shipless!
    • srsly that first rule
    • Don't expect popularity overnight! A ship takes time and tender care!
    • If you don't want to admit a ship at first, that's okay!
    • the first rule
    • If you want more people to know about it, make a page for it!
    • the
    • first
    • rule

    aaaaand i think thats all! enjoy!

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  • Toluene

    Gem Group Photo Request

    April 15, 2017 by Toluene

    So I did this thing last night with all the gem art that I did. I made a mass group gem photo with their silhouette matching their skin color. So I thought I could do this with other peoples gems. I just decided to do a generic version with just the basic color. But I'm offering more options.

    Feel free to choose more than one option.

    • Background color

    The background will be a single color, multiple or a gradient. Specify which color(s) and which orders.

    • Transparent

    The image will a png. and will not have any type of background.

    • Keep gems

    The gems on your gems will still be seen but your gem's silhouette will still be one color.

    • All one color

    All of your gems will be one single color. List color

    • An Order

    Can order the gems in a rainbow style, by height…

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  • Fruitphox

    Two years ago I created my Wikia account, so I figured this would be a fitting moment to say that I am leaving the wiki.

    The reason I am leaving is simply put, I don't enjoy it here anymore. I lost interest in the wiki and roleplays. I am still interested in Steven Universe, I just no longer have the interest to be on this wiki anymore.

    Back when I was interested in this wiki, roleplays, and all of that jazz, it was fun. I made friends and many memories here. I also learned how to make more realistic characters by watching how all of you made yours. I got the honor of being a discussion moderator here on this wiki for a year, everyone including the other members of staff were also incredibly nice. Just as I humbly accepted this position, I hu…

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  • Silkworm Bot

    literal ship war

    April 9, 2017 by Silkworm Bot

    ooookay here we go!! a hunger games sim, yay!!

    District 1 District 2 District 3


    Flower Stone






    Star Ruby




    District 4 District 5 District 6
    Blue Amber


    Sterne Ruby






    Purple Pearl


    Cat's Eye


    District 7 District 8 District 9


    Blue Goldstone




    Dream Crystal Lodalite




    Wood Opal


    District 10 District 11 District 12
    Rose Water Opal








    Star Diopside


    Strawberry Quartz


    okay time to start!!

    As the tributes stand on their podiums, the horn sounds.

    Emerald, Cuprite, Chrys, and Dream Crystal share everything they gathered before running.

    Blue Amber runs away from the Cornucopi…

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  • TheSunkenGems

    Gem Requests V2!

    April 8, 2017 by TheSunkenGems

    I Can Take

    • Heads for OCS
    • Regenerations of Canon and Fanon Gems
    • Gemstones

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  • DearlySkies

    Thank you all so much for signing up! I was afraid that with the recent inactivity (or at least the drop in such) I wouldn't have a lot of people sign up for my last gala.

    Oh shoot.

    So yes. This is most likely my last gala. I will be heading off to college in August but I'm remaining in Japan for my studies. My plan was to remain on the Fanon while in college but I need to test the waters before I say for certain what I'll be doing. If I do come back and decide to hold another gala, I will be pushing it to December to have a Winter Gala. A little bit on that soon but I would love to tell you all of my ideas when I get it a bit more fleshed out. This is actually to preface something coming up for an offline huge money maker for me in which I …

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  • Silkworm Bot

    Hey guys! I'm opening some gem adopts here! i would do so on dA but i wanna see them used sO-

    These are the Vitriol Sisters (as they call themselves) named Red Vitriol, Lead Vitriol, and Uranvitriol!

    • no removing abilities and weapons please!! thank you.
    • you either get one or all 3.

    Lead Vitriol is a vain, but levelheaded Gem who would rather fight with reasoning than fists. She is a idealist, and wants her friends to be happy. She is a bit of a perfectionist, wanting things the way she wants, but tries not to let that get in the way of having friends.

    Lead's weapon is a smoke bomb, and her abilities are making smoke that surround her. Any added abilities are up to her owner!!

    Uranvitriol has a very dark sense of humor, derived of her exposure to …

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  • DearlySkies

    Making progress

    Casual self promotion

    I've recently gained an obsession with conjoined and gems, as one may be able to tell if they had seen my first experiment with Watermelon Tourmaline based on the Neville Sisters/ Evelyn Evelyn. It's always been a great undertaking of mine to try and create obscure gems or gems that are too normal (burning the box).

    In saying that, I lead to what I have posted onto my userpage...

    "I'm limiting the amount of colours to two because the more there are, the more complex and creative I have to be with the body. I'll just make a page for all of them rather than them all having their own pages. I have enough underdeveloped characters as is. That said, even though I have a huge list of gems and what not, I don't w…

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  • Devan4590

    I really need to tell you this. I won't be active as much. Something bad happened yesterday. I don't want it to happen again. I would prefer not to say what exactly happened, but I will tell you this much. It hurt me a lot, emotionally and physically. I need you guys to know I won't be as active. You're the closest things I have to friends, so you needed to know. I'll be ok and things will return to normal soon. You have not seen the last of me.

    Your Friend(?),


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  • Deyvan Salez

    Well uh..

    Read the title.

    I've been inactive due to alot of stressful crap that's been going on in life. And I stopped roleplaying because I didn't really like roleplaying before due to problems.. The problems are.. uh things?  But i've gotten back to roleplaying! And i'll probably make the moonstone and Bloodstone page later, just gotta ask one of the admins to approve..

    So anyways, I'm back! Not that no one cared about me.

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  • DearlySkies

    Guess who finally decided to do some requests. I did four in total but the first batch I never posted and I feel super bad about it but it's finally here! I do these when I feel I have nothing to do so my actually doing requests is rare.

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  • Silkworm Bot

    this is important ok

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