• Devan4590

    Dream guest

    August 19, 2017 by Devan4590


    Steven finds out more about his Parents through someone mysterious.

    • Steven Universe
    • Hiddenite
    • Garnet
    • Amethyst
    • Pearl

    Steven looked at the Crystal Gems and saw them leaving to go on a Mission. Pearl said,"Steven, It's time for you to go to bed." Steven called out saying,"Good night!". Amethyst called out saying "Sweet dreams!" Garnet finished saying, "Remember Steven, I love you." and the gems left. 

    Steven went to sleep, but the landscape of his dream was unfamiliar. He then saw a glowing figure with two eyes. The Figure said,"It's you." Steven was shocked and fell over. The Figure approached Steven and Steven tried summoning his shield, but it vanished. Steven was shocked and Panicked. Steven summoned his bubble, but it popped. The f…

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  • Marshiitake

    Save Me

    August 18, 2017 by Marshiitake

    "So, your 'candy tube' needs to be 'fixed' again?"

    Chrys smirked at Ammolite, who was blushing of embarrassment.

    "Y-yeah...", she sighed. "And s-since I haven't seen Green Beryl in a while..."

    "You want me to do it?~," Chrys asked. "Ammo, this isn't the first time we've done something like this. I'll do it."

    "Oh, really?!," Ammolite cheered, a bit too excited. "Oh, thank you, Chrys! I've always wanted you to help me 'get it going'!"

    "No prob," Chrys shrugged, smiling.

    "Is that it?", Chrys panted, her mouth nearly full.

    "J-just a l-little m-mo-more...," Ammolite moaned, tired and sweating.

    "And...done!," Chrys smiled, climbing down the ladder as she spat out the monkey wrench from her mouth. "Told ya it'd be easy! Just a few hours of work, and it's…

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  • Marshiitake


    August 17, 2017 by Marshiitake

    i regret to inform you i have successfully murdered silkworm and i am here to take his place.

    Sorry that I had to do this, but as we say in show biz,

    Meowth! Dat's wet!

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  • Devan4590


    August 16, 2017 by Devan4590


    We learn a few things from this.

    • Lars and the Off Colors have been causing some trouble in Homeworld and a gem known as Emerald is coming after them.
    • Steven thinks everything is ok, but Connie Reveals it's not. 
    • Sadie misses Lars and hopes he's alright.
    • Lion goes missing at some point.
    • Greg knows nothing about Pink Diamond or about Gem society. 
    • Pearl has info that she wants to share, but Doesn't know how.
    • Lapis is shocked about what happens and is worried that "They will take their anger out on this Planet like last time." And doesn't want to get caught in another war.
    • Peridot wants Lapis to stay and fight for earth which is their new home.
    • Lars and the Off Colors will get stranded on another planet after destroying a gem Ship.

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  • Silkworm Bot

    Blue Flame of Passion

    August 16, 2017 by Silkworm Bot

    By request!

    It frustrated her.

    Why was it so difficult? Why couldn't it come out of her? God, this was Rube for star's sake, it was never hard for her to admit anything to her before!

    But this feeling...why was it so hard for her to admit?

    "You're inorganic, you're not supposed to feel this, Snow!", she screamed in her head. It plagued her mind every day. Why did she have such an interest in her? Sure, the redhead had helped her in the past, but that doesn't mean she gets the right to toy with her emotions, and be so kind to her, and beautiful, and...

    Darn it, she was thinking about it again. Why did she think about it? Why couldn't she just tell her?!

    "Inorganic. Unfeeling."

    No, that couldn't be right. She was inorganic, but she least, she …

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  • Silkworm Bot


    August 14, 2017 by Silkworm Bot

    By request.

    A little story about Bitter Ruby and Brimstone before the latter's corruption.

    (And yes, it did have to be a pun on Bittacus)

    "Uugh...," Bitter groaned as she walked up to the door of the lab. "I can't believe this..."

    Bitter had been assigned to guard one of the doors to the lab, as the Gems inside, Brimstone and Tobermorite, were making a weapon for the Diamonds; one that would end the war and used as a last-resort.

    But Bitter didn't care. All she thought was, why was SHE assigned to it? The Diamonds knew she didn't really like anyone that wasn't a Ruby, not even Sapphires, and she was the only Ruby there. And she'd rather be FIGHTING in the war than just standing in front of a door.

    But no, she just HAD to-

    "RUBY," shouted a stern …

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  • Silkworm Bot

    Story Requests

    August 13, 2017 by Silkworm Bot

    Hey so I feel like writing stories but I don't know what stories I specifically want to write, so there's that...

    So, I'm taking requests for stories, I guess!!

    Nothing too NSFW, but really anything is fine (even if it's something like Flower x Ice or something.) 

    • Brimstone and Bitter Ruby (and the third wheel, Tobermorite) making the corruption weapon.
    • Rubellite and Ice going on a duo mission on Pluto.
    • Hiddenite being shown the world.
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  • Goldensunsheba

    Knowing who she is

    August 11, 2017 by Goldensunsheba

    This is kinda a follow up fanfic to Silk's Thinking of Her

    Rubecca gazed out the window into the street below from her balcony in her apartment, it was a two bedroom apartment and she shared it with her roommate Suzy. She was thinking about what Christina tried to do yesterday, the thoughts plagued her, she was ready to kill herself thinking that she was the cause of Rubecca's misery. Oh how wrong she was... Her past bothered her so much more that the little red head. She never really talked about it much, only to her phycatrist and to Isabelle once. It was a touchy subject for her, but maybe it was time to let Chris know why she has these issues.

    Rubecca flipped her liter on and off and ran her other had over the flame, it was somewhat soot…

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  • Qwertyuiopscout123


    August 11, 2017 by Qwertyuiopscout123

    Hey Wiki! Sorry for the unannounced haitus, but I just got back from vacay in Connecticut!

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  • Silkworm Bot

    Thinking of Her

    August 10, 2017 by Silkworm Bot

    Christina felt her curly, red hair, and sighed. She felt her rough elbows, and groaned. She looked at herself in the mirror, and hit herself in the head.

    She'll never be as good as Her.

    She idolized Her, worshipped the ground she walked on, and never thought of a single flaw when it came to Her. She was calm, relaxed, suicidal sure, but at least less-so than Christina...right?

    The teenager compared herself to a picture of Her. She was at Her house, and She had left to get dinner.

    Chris couldn't get thoughts of 'what if she jumped off a ravine instead?', or 'what if she ran into traffic?' out of her head, worried about Her.

    She only knew, of course, that She was suicidal for at least as long as she knew the small redhead. 

    Her idol, her best frie…

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  • Goldensunsheba

    It's going to be a long month of Haitus so I was thinking that we could start creating sound tracks for some of our favorite fanon OTP's.

    I've got a few songs so if you've got something let me know, I'm going to start with top two of my favorite ships.

    1. [Thosand Years - Chrstina Perri]
    2. There's Nothing Holding Me Back - Shawn Mendes

    I'm bored I want soundtracks fill me with what is your favorite Fannon ship and what music you like to go with them.

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  • Livi-Moonfish

    ok but like

    August 8, 2017 by Livi-Moonfish

    does nobody have splatoon 2

    i need to do league with someone

    i know 0 people who have this game

    please help me i need a team

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  • Goldensunsheba

    No I'll be around as I don't have school anymore just work. But since everyone either travels or is moving to college or getting ready for school I'm placing my roleplays on Haitus.

    Main reason being we are missing the following people: Livi, Pokemonboy3000, Silk, and Qwerty.

    Since Qwerty is a key factor of this Roleplay and we are deep in plot I cannot continue until the two of them are able to post a bit more freaquently. ETA after August.

    Unfortunantly not sure is Livi is dropping out of this one or not since she hasn't posted after I gave her a summary. Since it seems to be moving quickly and no one is arount to keep up it is officially on Haitus and I will most likely restart it from the spot we left off. If you are dropping out complete…

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  • Pokemonboy3000

    Hiatus (somewhat)

    August 6, 2017 by Pokemonboy3000

    Hey gang just updating yall on my recent absence. I'm really busy between seiing friends, trying (and failing) to pass Calculus 2 this summer, and packing up to go back to college on August 16th so you will notice that I'm not on as frequently as I used to be. I'm gonna try to keep all roleplays i'm in alive but if necessary Goldensunsheba has permission to use any of my characters if they are needed to keep roleplays alive and I'm not around. I should be back on more frequently once I get settled into my new appartment at school, and figure out my schedule and all that junk. So likely will be back consistantly after th3 16th or 26th. I'll be popping in sporadically but not consistantly.

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  • Livi-Moonfish

    so i'm going on a long wifiless vacation for the next week or so it's gonna be terrible but the only wifi i'll get there is at barnes and noble like right when we get there so there better be 20 things for me to do here by the time i'm there

    edit: actually no it's only three days i heard the wrong thing

    it'll still be boring tho

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  • Silkworm Bot

    Sweet Dreams!

    August 3, 2017 by Silkworm Bot

    Weird dream involving the wiki i had last night.

    I was talking with Golden on a thread and she asked when I was 'going to make that museum comic' and I was so shocked that I forgot about the entire thing, so I started making it.

    So it was an interactive comic (like Awful Hospital) about a nightguard who watches over a Gem museum, and at first it was cute and innocent, but along the way I read a post on my favorite tumblr about how they wish Gems were more alienlike, instead of humanoid, so I started working on it right away.

    So in a twist i made it turn out the Gem's humanoid forms in the comic were fake, and the real Gems looked more like things I can only describe as 'giant, fleshy, fat tickss with macrophage-shaped heads and hagfish pores f…

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  • SandstoneGem

    an useless blog 1

    August 1, 2017 by SandstoneGem


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  • BlunderDip52

    I have recently noticed that there's just too many people using the Steven Unverse Gemsona Maker! It's better to let your creativity run wild rather than have the Internet do it for you! (Except if they're kissing and/or doing you-know-what) Anyway, comment down below if you agree or disagree about my idea in the comments below, like this:

     This dude's 100% right; this should be a matter we need to discuss

     I don't really care about this 

     This Gemsona Maker is fine; nothing wrong is going on with it

    So far, the tally is:

    0 votes

    0 votes

     0 votes

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  • Steven watcher

    Hey everyone, it's been a while hasn't it, we'll never mind that, I'm just here to say I'm open to Private RPs, especially if our characters haven't really interacted/learnt much about each other.

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  • Deyvan Salez

    Yo. Dev here and i'm sorta back, I started roleplaying again but I still have stuff to do which are involving my family and what not.. BUUUUTHHTHTHTH Miitopia released and for some reason I got this crazy idea of putting Gemsonas in Miitopia. Soooo, th3 reward of this is seeing your gemsonas in mii form hexdi

    But more importantly, i'm back I guess and i'm thinking of making an interactive story lol

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  • Silkworm Bot


    I'm Usagi the Sailor Moon

    Got me powers from Luna-kun

    I win every fight

    Thanks to the powers of moonlight

    I'm Usagi the Sailor Moon!

    Once upon a time...

    A cat was playing around with catnip, but The Dormouse told it no, and with it's friend The Canary they thoughtlessly mocked it, so the cat ate them both. Then, a tin can fell on the floor.

    Meanwhile, a plank of bamboo wood, a cup of lemonade, and a horseshoe magnet kidnapped and murdered millions.

    But back where we were, the cat smacked the tin can, showing a rock, a yellow omnipresent trapezoid, and an ice cube, so she smacked the rock into the ocean. The ice suddenly came alive, and said, "Eh, it's a livin'!"

    The cat, seeing this, screamed, and smacked the ice cube into the sun, m…

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  • Livi-Moonfish

    I did one of these in the past, but didn't finish most of them despite sketching them all. But they're lost now, so whatever.

    But I want to build fusions with more of my Gems. So, if you have any gemstones that you think would be a good fusion Gem with mine, tell me and I'll add it to their page. Plus, if you want me to draw one or two of them, I wouldn't mind. But, take in mind that I'm on vacation right now, so I won't get to it in like a week or so. Go crazy with the Gems, I want lots of fusions to get their Gems.

    EDIT: Also relationships. If you think your character should have a section but they don't have one tell me.

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  • Georgetrs

    character remade

    July 22, 2017 by Georgetrs

    this is atlasite (original by derpy platypus)






    this is sulphorite (original by derpy platypus)

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  • Silkworm Bot

    Because I realized that Chrysanthemum started way before Rubellice, despite the latter being older, due to Golden's post

    Also, yes, Team Rocket must be in this.

    Note: Isabella and Rubecca belong to Pokey and Golden, respectively.

    Isabella came inside Rubecca's house, putting her leatherjacket on the coatrack.

    "Hey, Beck, I'm here!," Isabella called, "You wanted to hang?"

    Rubecca looked at her behind her couch, and mumbled an 'mhm' as she returned to watching TV, chewing on buttery popcorn.

    Isabella smiled, and sat next to her best friend, joining her as she she watched the telly.

    "So, whatcha watching?", she asked, looking at the redhead.

    "Pokémon," Rube responded, her eyes still watching the show. "Christina got me back into it. It's an old one." …

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  • Silkworm Bot

    Mary Fay

    July 20, 2017 by Silkworm Bot

    Wow silk good name 10/10 would eat again

    ok but seriously though

    this is a mix of Livi's Human and Evil AUs, and my Darkened AU. Most characters belong to Livi, and I only own Mary.

    Good dwy, ol' chaps.

    They're getting us a new member for our gang today. Leader Cora says her name's "Fay", as if she's a fairy. I laugh in my head, as any laugh I'd actually made would be loud enough for extraterrestrials to hear. 

    She walked into the room, and...she doesn't look as bad as I'd thought. Not weak, either. When she came in, there was a...tension, in the room, as if everyone else had a history with her. I like that. 

    I walk up to her. She smiles, and starts talking, but I don't listen. I just stare at her, smiling, even after she stops talking.

    I think thi…

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  • Pikadot

    I'm planning on a major overhaul for my main character Moon Ammolite, to clear up some backstory stuff and overall improve her.

    Among the changes I've been planning, here are a few of the most notable ones.

    • Change her name from Moon Ammolite to Moonstone.
      • The name Moon Ammolite is an oxymoron when you think about it, and Moonstone just makes more sense.
      • The name, "Moonstone," allows her current nickname Moon to be kept.
      • Plays more into a frontier theme.
    • Change birthplace to Moon kindergarten.
    • Scrap the moon base and spaceship backstories, to replace them with a much more simple backstory of falling off a ship leaving Earth.
    • Instead of focusing exclusively on flying, Moon will focus on speed and distance and limits.
      • Go fast, go far.
    • Less thinking, mo…

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  • Livi-Moonfish


    I wanted to make some new forms for my characters, but well, I don't have many ideas. I have an idea for Onicolo, which has more of a pajama aesthetic, but everyone else is kinda up in the air. So, if you want to see a certain change in design on any of my characters (Specifically my older ones, but if you want to see a change in a newer one (cough botswana) tell me!), leave whatever suggestion you have and I'll likely incorporate it into the design. And besides, some of them are pretty bland anyways, and all of you have creative designs.

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  • Deyvan Salez

    Ello. You may or may not know me, but I went inactive for a while but i've patched many things up, but there's school(rip) but i'm getting back in to Roleplaying! Sorta..

    If you read the title like any other, man/woman/3rd gender/4th gender/Okay, stop there aren't that many genders, would you came her either because I was breaking the rules and I didn't know that I did, or you wanna check out the roleplay wikia. The roleplay has a discord too, but you have to message me or any of the creators. However, the actual roleplaying is less of a roleplay and more like a collaborative story between multiple people. I've considered making Forums the rp or/and making the roleplay format like the Sonic Fanon Wikia style, (Basically you edit a page only…

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  • Silkworm Bot

    A little story of a dumb, yellow Chrysoberyl and her surprisingly calm Ruby owner.

    Wanted to show the second reason Chrys says she hates Rubies OTHER than the reason stemming from her "OMG-Rube-Is-The-Coolest-Person-Ever-We-HAVE-To-Be-Best-Friends" phase.

    A yellow Chrysoberyl gulped as she saw the wide array of Ice Cream Opals, shivering as she took one step to the other. Her former owner, a Dravite tourmaline, had no use for her, and she knew it meant she needed a new owner. Oh, how she hated the entire thing. Being beaten for someone else's stress was not a good job, she found. She sighed and flinched as a purple Gem sneered at her, putting fear throughout her entire body. The young Chrysoberyl could only hope to think of what she DIDN'T w…

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  • Aspenha

    come follow me places or talk to me on discord :000!!

    • discord id: #2805 (if you have my discord i changed it to this id!!)
    • tumblr: aspenha
    • deviantart: aqiveia

    also breaking down is cancelled, sorry!!!!

    i really want to reconnect with all of you but i never go on wikia as i'm trying to draw more frequently and be known more as an artist rather than a wikian or writer... so if u want contact me !!

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  • DearlySkies

    Hello again, everyone! I've done my signature drop off the Earth without notice and without anything else to say for myself. A lot has been happening in my life so let me go as I remember it...

    I graduate high school! This happened about a whole month ago as of my writing this blog and it was very emotional for me which is now leading to my emotional instability that I'm slowly correcting through diet, especially teas.

    A week following graduation, I had officially moved out of my house with my parents. We were in a temporary housing facility for two days when I was picked up by the person I am now living with. My parents remained in temporary housing until they left two weeks ago.

    And, as I've already said, my parents have left Okinawa and no…

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  • Livi-Moonfish

    Yeah. I'm kinda being inspired by Pokemonboy's whole series to write something. But like, not with new characters, like I usually try to do. I want to use other people's characters as well as mine, so I'm asking who I can use, and some prompts that I can get going with. I just ask that they're characters I'm familiar with, so I don't have to keep pestering you so I could write them correctly. Just leave some prompt here and I'll write something at some point. Also, make sure that the personality section of a character you're putting in is up to date. I don't want to rely on outdated information when I'm writing.

    By the way, I know that since Onicolo is my oldest Gemsona, she has the most relationships with others. I want to vary up who I'm …

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  • Pokemonboy3000

    Hey gang, so as any of my readers know I just posted my finale for this season of my fanon. I'm going to be taking a break from my fanon for a bit as my attention is going to be focusing on some other writing projects for the remainder of the summer, so don't expect to pick this up again until I'm back in school in August. So need to address some quick things. 

    First off I'm interested in adding 2 gems that are not my own into my fanon series when I do start writting again. I already have the basic outline for Season 3 and I need 2 Homeworld gems one from Yellow Diamond and one from Blue. only rules are they can't be a gemstone already found somewhere in my universe. So put links in the comments if you want to have a chance. Also they can't…

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  • Shy Sparkle

    I'll be inactive for twoish weeks because I'm going at my grandparents and they don't have internet and yeah. (Foxy, you can take over Air, but pls follow her personality, traits and stuff.)

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  • Goldensunsheba

    Yep setting up my new computer. Had a few hiccups but it seems to be working normally.

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  • Silkworm Bot

    Prepare for trouble!

    And another one!

    To keep the world destroyed, keep it!

    We unite our people!

    Deputy truth in love

    The chapter laid it in one of us and the stars.



    Caterpillar team blast the speed of light!

    How to prepare to give up or fight?

    Staryu! oh dear!

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  • Deyvan Salez

    My inactivity

    July 6, 2017 by Deyvan Salez

    So.. I don't think many people would care, but i'm going to be inactive for a while.

    I've been taking a break from roleplaying, due to the fact that i'm attempting to fix real life problems, and thef act that I don't really see the purpose anymore. I'm attempting to be better friends with some of my oldest friends, because I feel that they've changed and I can't accept it. Most of all, real life stuff has been happening that will possibly take up most of my time. I may not be active that much, but there's always my Discord server if you'd like to talk.

    I don't really see the point and fun of roleplaying, like last time I questioned myself, "Is roleplaying honestly that fun?". I'd probably get back in to it some other time, but in the mean ti…

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  • Livi-Moonfish

    I know this has nothing to do with this wiki, lol. But why not. I need someone who has beaten the new Pokemon game, specifically Sun. I'm working on completing the Pokedex so I could get the Shiny Charm. I need someone who's up for trading the version exclusive Legendaries and UBs. And if you want to trade back I'm cool with that, just need them registered. They're the most important. And if you have other Pokemon I don't have, I would like if you traded those as well.

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  • Toluene

    I'm leaving

    July 4, 2017 by Toluene

    Go ahead demote me. I don't care anymore. I'm over this wiki. Users act like they can't follow the simplest of rules and listen to staff, things are still unchanged that I thought would be fixed by now, and I don't feel wanted here. I don't want to here that "Well you're not that active on the forums and roleplays where everyone else is. So that's why you don't feel welcomed here." Yes I am. Users only interact with certain users, every other roleplay is private or closed. And the ones that I'm in don't have any activity. It's all the private ones that are active. And those users are in the roleplays that I'm in and don't contribute to it. I'm never invited to anything, nobody ever talks to me, I feel alone. My series and characters are a …

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  • Silkworm Bot


    July 4, 2017 by Silkworm Bot

    Yesterday, Golden told me how TQoF ends.

    I'm sorry, Golden, but it's too good to hide.

    "Chrysoberyl...", the Queen growled, holding up the yellow Gem by her shirt collar. "DON'T FORGET YOU'RE JUST A TOOL FOR ME, CHRYSOBERYL!"

    '*sigh*', Chrys thought, rolling her eyes. 'Mondays.'

    Rube pointed to the object of her anger, an empty lasagne pan. "Thanks to you, I almost wouldn't have dinner for my negotiation with Blue Diamond tonight! You're lucky I made seconds just in case, Chrys!"

    As if on cue, the oven bell dinged, indicating the finishing of the lasagne. "Speak of the devilline...", Rube muttered, getting the pan out of the oven and onto the table. Chrys licked her lips, and smirked, knocking on the wall, which prompted her ruler to go to the …

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  • Disgustedorite

    In order to establish consistency across the entire Vega Garnet gem class, a massive art overhaul is about to be done to change all non-corrupted Vega Garnet designs to match the general height and proportions the first one ever designed, Mali Garnet .

    If you own a Vega Garnet character, it is not required that you change their design to match; however, all future Vega Garnets will need to meet the new criteria in order to be verified. Until the overhaul is complete, it is not recommended that you make new Vega Garnet characters intended for verification until you know what the new criteria calls for.

    After the overhaul is complete, three new Vega Garnet characters with both healthy and corrupted designs provided will be given away, so stay tun…

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  • White diamond 777

    Once dusk steven and green agate arranged everything on the beach immitating a stage and steven borrowed the equipment of music to his dad and they called to lapis so that it helps in the part of rap of the song, soon steven I call to all the Gems, connie, his father, and his beach town friends. Once they were all there green agate said "this song was dedicated to ruby and sapphire, it's 2on of tinashe".

    And then he began to sing: [Verse 1: Green agate]Give me all that you got nowMake you want me cause I'm hot nowI'm gone, so faded I'm on oneBang bang, pop off like a long gun 

    [Pre-hook: Green agate]If you a lame, nigga you ain't making no noise

    Get faded, turn up with the big boysLive fast, die young that's my choice

    Get money, get money like…

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  • White diamond 777

    Sapphire, when he reached Steven's house, sat down in the armchair and began to cry, steven, when he saw her, he asked, worried, what is it, sapphire, why are you crying? And she replied "it was because of ruby, she screamed and pushed me" and steven gave her a sapphire hug to comfort her, but it was useless she was still crying, and came peridot and asked steven what did they do to sapphire? And he replied "ruby yelled and pushed" and steven said unable to bear the sadness "is making me feel bad" (beginning to cry) and peridot said "do not steven, do not cry, you know that if you cry (beginning to Let go of tears) I cry "and not knowing what to do the two stayed crying along with sapphire. And came pearl and asked them with much concern w…

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  • White diamond 777

    It all started with steven, green agate and leggy one morning having breakfast together and agate asked "steven, ruby we can do today, is that Lil wayne is very busy, so he can not talk to me" and leggy replied "maybe we get bored all The day, since there is nothing entertaining to do "and steven said" you're right leggy there is nothing entertaining to do, boredom is so boring "and pearl meddled saying" then clean up the mess there is "and the three told you "Order !!! what a crap pearl and pearl told them" I know but I have to do it if they do not want to know me angry "and green agate said" fuck you "(making it with your finger) and pearl gets angry And told them "now if they are going to clean up all that mess !!!" or if he did not kil…

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  • White diamond 777

    It all started with steven and green agate on the beach sitting on the sand and green agate told steven "Hey Steven, how do you think it would be our merger? And he replied "I thought it would be great as you, tall, and with the strength of yours and mine" and she replied "thank you for thinking that I am great, although I am really a fool" and steven contradicted you "you are not stupid,you are amazing green agate "and she asked" then ... we merge? "And he became very happy and said" clear, we can try "so they started dancing and laughing, green agate tossed steven through the air and caught him Before he touched the ground, then gave him a sweet kiss and steven returned it with much more affection. Then they laughed for about 6 seconds a…

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  • White diamond 777

    Citrine managed to get to her hiding place after four days of walking and several hours climbing the mountain and said !!!!! pearl! And the pearl said "okey my lady". Meanwhile 50 kilometers from there pearl, bismuth, green agate, and lapislazuli were walking on the beautiful valley and bismuth said "go, this valley is very beautiful girls" and green agate said "you are right bismu, I am very tired of walking, But it was worth it "and lapis said" I've never seen something so precious when I was here 6000 years ago ", while in ametrine's lair, steven woke up from being unconscious and shouted" where am I? "And amethyst scream !! steven¿eres tu And he replied "if amethyst" and ruby army asked "guys are you guys? And Garnet responded first "h…

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  • White diamond 777

    After hearing what lapis told them pearl said "girls should start following the tracks so we can find steven and others" and bismuth said "you're right pearl, let's go" and lapislazuli said "also accompanied girls" and green agate He replied "Perfect but let's go at once." They started to walk, lighting with their gems because it was still dark, after a few hours green agate said "girls I am very tired, could load me and bismuth replied" you have feet because you do not use them "and lapislazuli said" shut up you 2 are going to wake the people living here in the countryside "and Pearl said" but there is not even a house in miles around. " While the mysterious gem (actually called citrine) was walking through the field to its hideout that w…

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  • White diamond 777

    It all started after a month of encountering green agate and surprisingly with ruby army, green agate and bismuth already obtained their quarters in the temple so ruby army had to sleep with steven, and one green agate night thought while it was in his Fourth drawing to steven "that ruby army is a damn stole me the most favorite place of steven's house, his bed." And bismuth in her room thought while she was lying on the floor "rubi army you're a damn bitch, steven is my friend not yours, if I see ruby army I'm going to crush it and it will be like tortilla, talking about tortilla I'm hungry" and after To say that left the temple to cook something, but surprisingly saw that ruby army was not present and was not steven, he thought "that arm…

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  • White diamond 777

    It all started with bismuth after seeing that green agate took the place of it in steven's bed: steven is my friend green agate not yours fucking thief and green agate told you !!!!! ssshhh vas To wake up to steven¡¡¡ and unfortunately steven woke up and heard the fight and bismuth told green agate "fucking thief of friends" and ran off crying and steven asked green agate what happened to bismuth that insulted you and She went away crying? And she replied "I do not know it only told me thief of friends" and steven asked him agate ... are you okay? . And she replied "no" (broke into tears) and steven said consoling her "neglect friend I will see what happens and I will try to solve it, do not worry" (after that he kissed her very tenderly o…

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  • White diamond 777

    It all began the day after having freed from the bubble to bismuth: steven got up to breakfast and passed awake to bismuth. And he asked, do you want to have bismuth breakfast? And she responds "if I want" and arrives amethyst and steven asked "Do you want breakfast with us amethyst?" And she says yes. After breakfast steven heard an explosion coming from the beach, he did warn them to amethyst and bismuth, and also also appeared lapislazuli did also warned him and the four came out to see what happened and saw an escape capsule similar to that of peridot But this one had a door. Suddenly the door of the capsule opened and from there came a very frightened gem and Steven asked who are you? And the gem responded with a scary tone "I'm green…

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