• Nicnuc01

    I'm back :D

    October 17, 2017 by Nicnuc01

    Hello! I'm nicnuc! To those who know me, hello again! To those who don't, hello too!

    Q: Dude... Who even are you? I don't know you...

    A: I'm an older user here, I was on this board ever since they moved Roleplay here from the original SU Wiki

    Q: Why were you away for such a long time?

    A: I had several problems in my life, from stress in school (which is still here mhhm) to the death of someone I loved.

    Q: Why didn't you say Goodbye?

    A: I didn't feel it, y'know? I was busy sorting my life out.

    If you still have some questions, ask away. :D


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  • Deyvan Salez

    Gemstuck hiatus

    October 17, 2017 by Deyvan Salez

    Hey guys! Remember Gemstuck? Me neither. For now, it’ll be a hiatus since every episode will present a normal episode, but in the end you get to choose from 10 characters(which may change) to view their point of view, and once ypu’ve viewed them all the episode will end. This is proving to be difficult to write and think about since well, i’m not very good at writing. Also those [S] pages? Full fledged animations. Wish me luck for this series to kick off.

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  • Pokemonboy3000


    October 14, 2017 by Pokemonboy3000

    Hey Gang sorry I have been sporadically appearing and disapearing for the last few months but now I'm making it official that I will be gone from the wiki for the forseeable future. This semester in college has been hectic between 20 credits, 2 jobs, and a 10 hour research lab so when I'm not working, I'm studying or trying to stay active in my organizations. So I don't have the time to fully committ to being here no time to write, roleplay, or anything. If you would like I will sometimes respond to Discord so feel free to add me there @Crazziiboi97 (It's replaced pokemonboy as my go to user name everywhere except here) If you do add me let me know who you are tho cause more than likely I'll forget I put this here and get scared and not ac…

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  • Qwertyuiopscout123

    hey everyone!

    Uh sorry ive been inactive for so long ! I recently had a huge move and i really wasn't able to access the internet at all.

    but now that ive got that settled im back!

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  • Goldensunsheba

    I miss them

    October 9, 2017 by Goldensunsheba

    I miss Qwerty and Pokemonboy3000 I hope everything is alright, with the shooting in LA and the Huricans that hit Florida I worry about what fate may have befallen them, maybe they just aren't into SU anymore...or Maybe they are too busy, but I can't help but miss them.

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  • Devan4590

    V.I.C.K.E.Y Status: Heart removed to keep it away from Demons.

    Painite returns Cyan Diamond to normal.

    Painite: You need to get out of this world.

    Cyan Diamond: Painite I had enough of you telling me what to do!

    Ship: Error. Weight detected atop.

    Yellow Diamond: Pearl, go check what is happening up there.

    Yellow Pearl goes up and sees Twin Lilly.

    Yellow Pearl tries fighting Lilly, but then gets blown back.

    Yellow Pearl: No more funny business!

    Yellow Pearl readies her own destablizer shot, but it's blocked by Twin Billy and knocks Yellow Pearl onto the edge.

    Billy: So you have survived this long. Servant. You must be very passionate about who you are serving.

    Yellow Pearl: But why are you invading our planet? What do you have to gain? We've already d…

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  • Devan4590

    Hilarious thought

    October 5, 2017 by Devan4590

    Ok this is one of my random thought ramblings. Here it goes.

    Our OCs were doing tennis lessons. Don't know why, but they were. Everyone was dressed in tennis attire, but the ones I definitely remember are Livi's Allura with a white skirt, shirt, and visor. Color Change Sapphire and Qwerty's Angelite wearing sun dresses sitting on bleachers, and Orangey Ruby was wearing orange and Rubellite was wearing red. From what I remember happening was Orangey Ruby and Rubellite were having an all out tennis war with a flaming tennis ball, and everyone else was doing normal matches. Then all of a sudden some human yells "HEY!" and everyone stops what they're doing and the tennis war ends with the flaming tennis ball in Orangey Ruby's eye socket (Lol XD…

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  • Devan4590

    Casualty count: ERROR

    Demons alive: ERROR

    Reasons for Error?: V.I.C.K.E.Y.exe has stopped functioning. Please wait until further notice.

    Cain: Well guess what, you showed promise. Now you die.

    Cain Pins down Rubellite and begins to spit up blood, turning Rubellite's features white where it hits.


    Orangey Ruby: Just let him do that. She'll finally learns WHAT IT'S LIKE TO HAVE YOUR LIFE ENDED!


    Orangey Ruby: I'll save her alright.

    Orangey Ruby pushes Cain and Rubellite off the cliff's edge.

    CCS: That's not what I meant!

    Orangey Ruby is smiling.

    Orangey Ruby: All better!

    Rubellite: SERIOUSLY?

    Cain breaks his back in multiple places. Rubellite returns to normal.

    Rubellite: Now I feel better. 

    Cain's sword sta…

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  • Deyvan Salez

    Hello! Short blog, but from now on I will ONLY be attending one roleplay at the time. What this means is that, do not invite me in to a roleplay, unless I quit from one, or I am finished with one! This will also explain any further inactivity I am in too!

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  • Deyvan Salez

    Quadrant shipping!

    October 2, 2017 by Deyvan Salez


    Hello, no need to introduce myself.

    Today, i’ll be teaching you guys how to ship with quadrants! They are very understandable, and maybe you will understand it too. Also, this is COMPLETELY USELESS!

    That image over there are all 4 quadrants, they are seperated in to Red Romance and Black Romance. First, we’ll be talking about Red Romance! Red Romance is strongly tied to positive emotions, as seen by the color.

    The first one we will talk about, is a Matesprit, denoted by a red heart. This is most similar to a married couple of humans, and the people within it have strong relations with each other. Despite this, Matesprtis can violently turn in to Kismeses, and can be as violent as them, but i’ll mention it later.

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  • Deyvan Salez


    September 29, 2017 by Deyvan Salez

    hiatus for roleplaying and Gemstuck.

    Exams are coming up and my birthday too.

    ciao I guess

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  • Devan4590

    No I am not against Shipping, as a matter of fact even though Nicnuc's gone I'm still doing Prasijade shipping myself, it's that Prasiolite misses Jade. 

    R.I.P. Nicnuc XD

    Ok so we know shipping is like "Flower Stone loves Chrysoberyl." and "Ice loves Rubellite.". And they have names like "Chrysanthemum" and "Rubellice". 

    What if there was Anti Shipping which is like how someone hates someone else. Right now what I can think of is "Orangey Ruby hates Rubellite"

    But as with shipping, anti-shipping needs evidence. An example could be if it happened "Orangey Ruby says to Color Change Sapphire that even though he is scared of Rubellite killing him, if the conditions were perfect, he would kill Rubellite." (No joke, I actually thought of that)

    And so s…

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  • Deyvan Salez

    The importance of Sburb

    September 26, 2017 by Deyvan Salez

    Hello. My identity is anonymus, but today I shall tell you a story. A story about the Multiverse.

    Different dimensions exist, and a string of these form a universe. At the beginning, there was only one universe. It was like hell in there. No dimension was safe from turning in to hell. Eventually, many universes died out and only a few remained good. Of course, you may believe in godly figures or something similar. But there is one person who is always greater than a god, or a fierce deity. These are referred to as The First Guardian. Unlike some gods, the First Guardians do not directly influence or create a universe/planet. They only strive to fuffil the planet’s purpose. For this First Guardian, I will call them the Grand Guardian, despit…

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  • Burbot019

    I have seen many a user go about their inadequate ways of dining.

    No ponds to bathe in. No bread. No constant danger of polar bears or dollars, not like in good ol' Minnefornia.

    Your currency is not bread. Instead of actual loons slaving to mine for our version of your 'gold' (which is toast. we have Toast Mines.), instead you mine for things that can burn down our planet.

    You associate us ducks with bad doctorisms. You associate loons with crazy people. The local fish here have told me you even associate them with barrels and suspicion, how dare you.

    you Horrid Little Apes.

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  • Devan4590

    End of Homeworld Part 3

    September 25, 2017 by Devan4590

    Story coming soon

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  • Deyvan Salez

    “..WELL CRAP.”, Deyvan- Wait, why was I referring to myself in the third person? You all know that i’m the creator of pretty much everything in the entire DAMN world. Whatever.. Hey, I was wondering, when Pearl dreamt it was kind of weird... OH YEAH! I’ll make an explanation for it! ZACHYVAN AKA MY PAST SELF, COME INSIDE!!


    “...So, you’re introducing a Homestuck thing in to Steven Universe..”, Zachyvan said to Deyvan. He did a thumbs up and said, “Not only does it explain why Pearl dreamt about weird things, it doubles as a Homestuck reference!”, Deyvan said with pride in his idea. Zachyvan yawned. “Homestuck is SO boring, I don’t see how ANYONE gets past the first act.”, “Wait. YOU SKIPPED THE FIRST INTERMISSION DID YOU!?!…

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  • Livi-Moonfish

    So... Everyone's been knowing that I haven't been watching Steven Universe anymore, right?

    So I've been pondering on this decision for quite a while now, and I've finally reached my answer.

    I'm converting all my Gemsonas to my Human AU, and the only place they're going to be Gems anymore are here.

    Now, in no means does this mean I'm leaving the wiki. I love everyone here, and I'll never leave just because I don't have any proper Gemsonas anymore. Nothing about them here is changing, but just know that if you see me on any other character sharing website, everyone's going to be a human from now on.

    They're still going to have Gem related traits, though. Their favorite gemstones are going to be their former name. (Except since most of them are s…

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  • Devan4590

    Casualties: None.

    Demons alive:

    • Ingrid
    • Alexander
    • Oliver and Chaz
    • Lycanna
    • Cain

    Orangey Ruby: The end of the world is coming the end of the world is coming the end of the world is coming!

    Rubellite: Ruby if you don't shut up I'll shut you up.

    Orangey Ruby: The sky has turned red, fireballs are flying around all over the place, and so are demonic bats, END OF TEH WORLD!

    Rubellite: THAT'S IT!

    Rubellite pounces onto Orangey Ruby with her scythe.

    Orangey Ruby: Wait! Don't kill me!

    Rubellite: I gave you a chance, now you suffer!

    Orangey Ruby(Sobbing): NO NO NOHOHOHO!

    Orangey Ruby barfs up lava.

    Rubellite: Darling that is disgusting, now I will kill you now!

    A bird in the sky that is similar to a crow is flying over, and its eye glows.

    Orangey Ruby: Turn around!


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  • Deyvan Salez

    (yes I know METEORITE is cancelled sorta but I do have an idea on how the lore would turn out)

    Green Sphene would suddenly teleport to Gemstuck noticably injuired. “....No.”, Green Sphene would say, falling down on her knees. “I... Failed.”, she banged her head on a wall, because she was in an alleyway. Meteorite would walk up to Green Sphene. “Huh. I never expected you to be here.”, Meteorite said. Green Sphene would stand up, holding in the tears in her eye. “..Woah, hold on a second, are you sad? Hold on I need to get Coral for this..”, Meteorite said, and retrieved a phone from his Sylladex.


    METEORITE:Coral, I think GREEN SPHENE is sad.

    CORAL:What? Where is she?

    METEORITE:Next to the Midnight Crew’s place for some.. ODD reason


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  • Deyvan Salez

    Okay, here’s the thing. Exams are coming up, and school is proving to be difficult like usual. Most of you already know Gemstuck. Now, I WANT A CO WRITER!!!

    Yes, this may sound a bit stupid, however I simply cannot write alone. Two heads are better than one! Currently, some ideas in Gemstuck are being rewritten EX:The existance of dream bubbles. To clarify, in order to be a Co Writer fo Gemstuck you must have,

    1.Finished reading Homestuck

    2.Have a capable knowledge of what a normal session of Sburb is like

    3.Be a gud

    Simple right? Anyways roleplay Hiatus ends today, and the roleplay “A few gems play Sburb” will be postponed until Gemstuck is finished. Ciao!

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  • Devan4590

    Ice, and Prasiolite are chasing an unknown gem.


    Prasiolite: I still have no Idea why I was assigned with you!

    Ice and Prasiolite follow it into a cave.

    Unknown Gem: This world has lasted too long. The creatures here don't care what they do.

    Prasiolite: That's not true!

    Unknown Gem: So may my Lord, take this sacrifice as a relic of crossover.

    The unknown gem lays down some relics.

    Ice: You are so going to get it!

    Ice and Prasiolite try attacking, but they are blocked by some barrier.

    Glyphs are activated around them.


    The Unknown gem finds it is being drained with the relic.


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  • Marshiitake


    Pink stuck her tongue out at Yellow as she grabbed a human from the ground, which wriggled in her hand.

    "Woah! It feels so weeeiird!," Pink laughed childishly as the thing squirmed in fear. "Can I keep it?"

    "No! It's ORGANIC! It could get you sick!," Yellow Diamond huffed, crossing her arms. "Put it back down!"

    "Oh, come on!," the smaller Diamond cried, squeezing the strange primate between her fingers. "You have an old terrarium you never use anymore! I'm sure I could-"

    They both heard a popping noise, and Pink looked at her bloody fingers. "Woops..."

    "Honestly, I'm starting to think you'd be worse for them than vice versa...," Yellow sighed. "Listen, Pink..."

    Pink stared at her with saddened puppy dog eyes, surprising Yellow. …

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  • Deyvan Salez

    Why I don't draw

    September 18, 2017 by Deyvan Salez

    NOTE:Before reading, this is NOT a problem. I just wanted to clear this up for people who are wondering.

    The main reason why I don't draw is because, well.. First, I have no idea how the hell to do so. Despite the fact that i'm 14, my drawings look like crap. Second, my hands are broken. I can't really explain it in FULL detail, but there are things wrong with my hands and with how I control and hold things. And heck, even typing.

    Anyways was just going to clear this up. Ciao!

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  • Deyvan Salez

    Listen. I just got back from a pretty stellar Homestuck roleplay. But to understand my personal problem, I need to share some H I S T O R Y. Ever since 2012 i've been roleplaying. Roleplaying is my freaking life. I did LARPing in school, roleplay in non roleplay games, heck, roleplaying is one of my main focused here! But there was one thing I was always unsure of. A problem that I had ever since 2012.

    Am I a god modder?

    I always asked myself that question. I always did. I believed if I continued roleplaying, I would be able to set a stand where I wasn't a godmodder and mary sue. Going to this wikia helped my confidence, along with discord roleplays. They helped me feel like I established a clear connection between fair roleplaying, and awes…

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  • Deyvan Salez

    You all thought it was going to be about Zyriltopia. BUT IT WAS I! GEMSTUCK!! So ha. If you've read my lore, you probably thought I was going to make Moss Agate, Choclate Pearl and Zyriltopia. BUT.



    but anyways I won't give up on this crossover series. Wish me luck!

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  • Marshiitake

    nothing to do with SU, just my Pearl nuzlocke.

    "Okay, Terri!," screamed the cowardly and Impish Buneary, rubbing her paws together. "Tonight, we shall strike the world when it least suspects it! Tonight, we shall...RULE THE WORLD! MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!"

    "?," questioned the unwilling Zubat, who had no interest in ruling her breakfast, much less the world. She went along with being the rabbit's 'henchbat' anyway, as she was not hesitant to play with Pokémon.

    "It's nighttime, correct?," asked Hareball. "Well, as everyone knows, during nighttime, those dirty people are asleep! We shall strike into the Pokémon league, hack into their tech, and, while they sleep soundly on their beds, write in that WE own the world! It's GENIUS! MWAHAHAHAH!"

    If Terri Puss…

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  • Deyvan Salez

    "Did you know.. Not everyone in this world is from this world.", a stern voice said to a Meteorite. "What are you talking about?! We were made in this world, and we are in this world.", the Meteorite replied with annoyance in his voice.

    "Hmph. Don't you remember? Its me, Moss Agate. Meteorite, remember Green Sphene? Don't you remember Chocolate Pearl?", Moss Agate replied, taking out her hood. "Still don't remember a one. Though the name does take me back.", Meteorite said, walking off. Suddenly, Moss Agate pulled out a green fire whip, and tangled up Meteorite. "Oh, IT IS ON!", Meteorite shouted. He tugged on the whip, and punched Moss Agate in to a wall. "I should've expected less. You were the l…

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  • Marshiitake


    September 11, 2017 by Marshiitake


    She kicked the can again as she, once again, was denied going into the temple door, and for no reason whatsoever. She's a Crystal Gem, damn it! She had an actual Gem! What is wrong with this place?!

    "You're wrong with this place. You're not supposed to even be here."

    The Gem sighed as she finally submitted to her own thoughts. Was she supposed to be there? Everyone ignored her. Not even their enemies acted like she existed when they fought, and hell, she fought more than anyone else!

    At least, she thought she did.

    Did she even matter to them? She rubbed her head deciding on that one. She'd been ignored for as far as she could remember. But she was accepted in the Crystal Gems, right? No...she just followed them.

    If she was never noticed by any…

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  • BlunderDip52

    So over on the Shipping Wiki, The Great Ship Battle Tournament is currently going on, and guess what?

    Two Steven Universe non-binary ships are in the competition, Stevidot (Steven and Peridot) & Amedot (Amethyst and Peridot)!

    Right now, it's Round 1, and Stevidot is facing Sonamy (Sonic the Hedgehog/Amy Rose) and Sonamy leads, 22 votes to 7. Amedot is facing Sheith from Voltron: Legendary Defender. Amedot is ahead of Sheith by a margin of 18 votes to 10.

    Go out and support your Steven Universe ships in this tournament! Tomorrow's the last day to vote in Round 1!

    Vote for Stevidot here.

    Vote for Amedot here.

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  • Deyvan Salez


    September 9, 2017 by Deyvan Salez


    Deyvan:sup guys, i've ascended to the God Tiers, and now i'm awake again. However, my main occupation, Homestuck, is now finished.

    Deyvan:so what this basically means that I can roleplay again


    Deyvan:shaddup you're not in Kindergarten Roleplay

    Sunstonesprite: :(

    Deyvan:anyways probably thinking of making a homestuck crossover I guess. ciao!

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  • Devan4590

    Part 5: Reconciliation!

    September 8, 2017 by Devan4590

    We now resume your program, Heartbreaker. 

    Chrysoberyl: So you're saying that I have to meet Flower at a recreational space to lure the rainbow obsidian in and then you attack them.

    Lodestone: Yep. Or at least that's what I got.

    Chrysoberyl: You're using me as your sacrificial gem?

    Högbomite: That's what you were made for! YAAAY!

    Orangey Ruby: Yep. Although, I wonder how CC is holding up.


    Rubellite holds up a painting of Van Gogh painting starry night.

    Color Change Sapphire: Hmm...It serves no practical use so go ahead. 

    Rubellite Splits it in two.

    Ice looks in from the window of CCS's studio.

    Ice: Rube's coping well. I hope that she'll forgive me

    Hiddenite: So what is the plan exactly?

    Silica goes over the plan.


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  • Devan4590

    There is a meeting with the rebels gone wrong.

    Rose Quartz: Your regime has lasted too long. It's time it ends.

    Pink Diamond: Hear me out I-.

    Rose Quartz shatters Pink Diamond. 

    Ammolite: NOOO!

    Geode: NOOOOO!

    Geode becomes undone.

    Pink Pearl flees

    Rose Quartz: We can't have anyone know about this.

    Garnet sets fire to the scene of the crime.

    Ammolite: NOOO! 

    Ammolite starts crying.

    Geode fuses, shedding a tear.

    Ammolite(Crying): Why? Why couldn't it be me instead? 

    Geode(Crying): Ammolite we have to get out of here!

    Geode picks up Ammolite and runs away from the fire.

    Ammolite(Crying): NOOO!

    Geode(Crying): We feel the same way too! But we have to get out or else we'll be roasted alive!

    Since we know that It would have been impossible. This is my theory of wh…

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  • Deyvan Salez


    September 7, 2017 by Deyvan Salez

    oh boy do you know what this means?

    YAY I'M BEING INACTIVE AGAIN!! Except now I can actually specify why i'm inactive. First off all, I have an essay to do and it'll take a while. Second, M A T H. Third, school stuff is generally at an all time high due to so many cancallations. I won't find much time to roleplay, but METEORITE has reached a beta form(sorta). Ciao!

    Edit:Okay I think I should actually reveal why I was so inactive. It was true, everything i've said that was taking my time existed, but the real reason why I am so inactive is...

    I was reading Homestuck for the past few days along with my projects

    edit:okay John Egbert basically became Green Sphene. I enjoy his suffering too much.

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  • Devan4590

    This is an addition to the Heartbreaker series.

    Silica: We have all been called here for a reason. Rubellite and Snow's relationship has been threatened.

    Chrysoberyl: Nobody Messes with Ibidi like that!

    Orangey Ruby: I am wondering how long she remains stable.

    Hiddenite: Pantheon Connect is down and I have nothing better to do.

    Pantheon Connect: We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please wait while we solve the problem. In the meantime, use the social media used by mortals!

    Hiddenite: I rest my case.

    Lodestone: I'm here for snow.

    Högbomite: I'm here because I love helping YAAAY!

    Lodestone: Remind me how long She's going to be under the effects of your treats?

    Silica: A few days at least.

    Orangey Ruby: At least Rubellite is at Color Change Sap…

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  • Livi-Moonfish

    Toyhouse Codes!

    September 6, 2017 by Livi-Moonfish

    I managed to get 6 invite codes for the website! It's a basically like a character bank, you can store all your characters there and do trades with others. There's also forum games, where you can build your characters and get art for them, it's really cool!

    So when I asked for the six, I got them with these people in mind. If you're not on the list and you want one, you gotta hope someone denies their code. I might have missed a few people who I would have wanted to get a code, and I hope I didn't. If I ever manage to get more codes, I'll be sure to tell you all!

    Silk, Golden, Pokemonboy, Qwerty, Devan, and Deyvan.

    Tell me whenever you can go into chat to get your code!

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  • Devan4590


    September 5, 2017 by Devan4590
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  • Devan4590

    Part 2B

    September 5, 2017 by Devan4590

    This is also a Sequel to Heartbreaker, but it is telling Ice/Snow's side of the story. 

    Silica uses the oven to bake something.

    Snow: I don't even know why this could have happened! 

    Lodestone: You might as well tell us what happened. 

    Snow tells her part of the story.

    Silica: I made treats! 

    Snow: Why, do you pity me, soccer ball?

    Silica: No...I just knew you were going through a-.

    Snow: I'VE BEEN THROUGH WORSE! Wait, no I haven't! 

    Högbomite steals some of the treats.

    Silica: I'm sure they are not for you. 

    Högbomite: You must have made them *Bites* for me!

    Silica: No! Those are my feel-better ones! 

    Lodestone: Snow, the way you say it is that you had no control over what happened.

    Snow: I don't even know what I said!

    Silica: You've already said that.


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  • Marshiitake


    September 4, 2017 by Marshiitake

    A parody of those bad fanfics by Jack-Septic-Eye. What is wrong with him.

    "Curse words and things so out-of-character for me to say it would seem as if the only context of this show the author had was from the -abridged- version!," Steven shouted, as he kicked the rock.

    "Now, Steven, sto-," Pearl started, before Steven looked at her, crying.

    "NOOOO! HOW DARE YOU!," Steven screeched, crying constantly. "YOU EEEEEEDIOT! DAT WAS DA LAST STRAW! I'M RUNNIN' AWAY, YA BOID!"

    Steven ran away, and everyone glared at Pearl, who was confused.

    Steven was bawling like the idiot baby he was, when something tapped his shoulder.

    "WHO IS IT, AND EVEN MORE CURSE WORDS!?," Steven screamed, until he saw the creature's face.

    It was Centipeetle, his one true love. She…

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  • Deyvan Salez

    Yay another fan project

    September 2, 2017 by Deyvan Salez

    Okay, Project METEORITE is workng out pretty fine, but there's a side project I want to revive...


    Well, that was my first fan project. I forgot the idea of it, but it was supposed to revolve around Steven and his powers. Steven was supposed to discover that Rose Quartz was a celestial being, and basically Jesus Christ. But now, i'm thinking of reviving it in to something 🅱️etter. Like this idea? Or should I focus on METEORITE?

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  • Devan4590

    Part 2A: Dying flames.

    September 1, 2017 by Devan4590

    This is Part 2A of Heartbreaker, its following Rubellite for this part.

    Color Change Sapphire lays down some temperature blocker cushions on the couch for Rubellite and Rubellite sits on them.

    Everyone sits down on the couch. 

    Chrysoberyl: Ibidi, what happened? Tell me everything.

    Rubellite: Ice broke my heart. 

    Orangey Ruby: Oh no! That's awful!

    Color Change Sapphire: Love is a game of broken hearts.

    Rubellite: I don't know how to feel right now! Angry, sad, confused...

    Orangey Ruby: Wait, did you just say confused?

    Chrys: Just tell me what happened!

    Rubellite explains what happened.

    Orangey Ruby: Honestly, I don't know who was going to tell you that but when your dearly beloved is that blunt it sucks.

    Chrys: I thought Ice liked hurting people!


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  • Deyvan Salez

    Yo, Deyvan Salez here again. When I joined this wikia, I didn't really expect much. However, this quickly became one of my go-to wikias for roleplaying, and just roleplaying in general. I decided to make stuff. And I made stuff and all of them died.

    But this time, i'll be doing something which I consider to be ambitous. Today, i'm not just going to make a fanon series. But, it'll have it's own L O R E but it'll also be a roleplay series. I'm going to create 2-3 characters just for it(and have them approved). But the real question is, what is this project? Well if you viewed my L O R E D U M P you probably already know what it is. I call this "Project METEORITE."

    Wish me luck. And I hope i'll gain the motivation to work on this. By roleplaying …

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  • Deyvan Salez

    more lore yay

    "Oh, wait. I remember where I was born. Yeah. There."

    A cloaked gem would point to a kindergarten in a hologram. "I could've been in that universe, however those damned Zytopians sent me to this imperfect world. Now, Pink Diamond is dead.", the cloaked gem would get up. "I'll get that damm worm someday. But for now, here's my story."

    "I was born in Zyriltopia. I made friends, like lots of friends, which are in this timeline. Things were going smoothly, until the Zytopians attacked. Unlike the others who survived.. I think, I was sent here. Hopefully i'll be able to see if they live or not.. Soon.. I'll get that damn worm someday."


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  • The Mind Player

    Do not mind the overly long title... it is just I do not think anyone in this wiki still does real art requests, and even if anyone still seemed to care, my art sucks, and I mean it... anywho... i'd like to Draw some things since I've been bored and need YT videos to fill in this day to winter.... so now ITS MORPHING TIME

    • Morphs*

    • Human, gem, gem human, animal gem, gem cracked, or corrupt. Any will do
    • GIVE ME REFERENCES FOR GOOD ALMIGHTY's SAKE.... GEEZ. Like, give me an image of a pose you want me to do, the clothing of animal, or corrupt form...
    • No sexual or "treinta y cuatro regla" around here... nonono no
    • Yes it can be a couple of characters in one drawing, or three, or with a pet... just do not exp…

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  • Devan4590


    August 31, 2017 by Devan4590

    This is one of the dark things from my mind. Be careful while reading this.

    Rubellite and Snow are together.

    Rubellite: ...So that is why that Orange tinted Ruby is something I am curious about. 

    Snow: Well you do have a reputation for hating Rubies.

    Rainbow Obsidian (The gem who would soon become The Dragon) is nearby.

    Rainbow Obsidian(Silently): Let's see how wonderful you lovebirds are after this.

    Rainbow Obsidian's eyes turn rainbow, using his Pathokinesis on Snow.

    Snow: And if you didn't have a reputation for hating Rubies, then maybe you could have been better!

    Rubellite: Darling, that was sudden.

    Snow: It's time that someone told you that it's bad! 

    Rubellite: everything ok?

    Snow: And your reputation for killing is driving more friend…

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  • Deyvan Salez

    more lore

    August 30, 2017 by Deyvan Salez

    "Everyone has heard of the rebellion. How a simple Rose Quartz fought in a war with her companions, which also resulted in a shattering of a diamond. We've heard that story a million times, and it's not even an exaggeration at this point.", a gem wrapped in a dark green cloak would say in a hallway to a young copper. "However, there is another story that everyone talks about. Unlike the rebellion, it wasn't too big. But the casualities.. Even White Diamond, the strongest of them all, was poofed for a while. This is the story of the Zyriltopia." she'd sigh for a bit, and would put down a box displaying a hologram similar to Pearl's (canon)hologram. "The history of the Zytopians is quite a plentiful one. An ancient civilization that has endu…

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  • Deyvan Salez

    More soon

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  • Marshiitake


    August 30, 2017 by Marshiitake


    She was forgettable, and nothing but.

    She was always there, but no one noticed her.

    She never got a word in anything, and when she talked, people treated her voice as if it was a strange breeze in the wind.

    Not even Uran noticed her.

    All she wanted was to be held, to be loved. But she would never know such things.


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  • Deyvan Salez

    oh my is this lore

    August 27, 2017 by Deyvan Salez

    "So what are you going to do, shatter me?!", a Bismuth would say, looking down on a human. She'd grab a weapon that the human had. "Go ahead! Just do it(make your dreams come true)!", she'd shout. The human would respond, "No! Even if we don't agree, nobody deserves this!", he'd say. The Bismuth would yank the weapon out of the Human's hand, and surprised, the human would accidentally stab them with a sword.

    Or at least, that's what happened in another dimension. I am constantly travelling between dimensions against my own will. I've been travelling to a world where Crystal Gems have taken over the entire homeworld. I've travelled to a world where organic life lived on homeworld. I've been to many worlds, but one i've been frequently been …

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  • Deyvan Salez

    I've been here long enough to list some stereotypes. Whether good or bad, here are some I noticed.

    1.The roleplayer

    "Hi, my name is [insert name], and I just got my characters approved, so now i'll start roleplaying."

    This is a category that most people in this wikia fall in to. I myself am one, and this can be good or bad. For one, the characters may be intentionally under developed at the start, and the roleplays are room for development. This can be good, because it'll contribute to the roleplaying fanbase, which I like.

    2.The writer

    "I'm not here to roleplay, but here are a few gemsonas I have, and a fanon story"

    These are typically ones that actually know how to create good characters and stories. They are a sign of something good in this …

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  • SiberiaSabri

    New to Wiki

    August 27, 2017 by SiberiaSabri

    Hello there! I guess I just wanted to say hi, cause I'm new here and stuff! Also, I'm going to start posting some of my Gemsonas soon so that's kind of exciting! Anyways, hi everyone and I guess, now at least, bye! See you around the wiki!

      > Sabri

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