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Black Serendibite is a rebel that is against Homeworld and The Great Diamond Authority. She is one of the major antagonists in the series, Eight Pages, and a secondary deuteragonist in an upcoming series.




Black Serendibite is childish and cheery. He is slightly ditzy and is very introverted. He is a corrupted Retriever, and so he carried on some of his traits from when he was uncorrupted. He is vigilant, moody, and observant as well. Black Serendibite is generally nice, timid, and cheerful. He won't hurt a fly unless the situation calls for it. He is, however, physically unstable, and whenever he wields his weapon, there is a high chance of him poofing. 


Black Serendibite can bubble, shape-shift, summon his weapon and retreat to her gemstone. He possesses standard gem abilities and traits.



Lavender Opal




Imperial Topaz





  • AZRIELblackserendibitegemology

    Polished and faceted Black Serendibite.

    Serendibite was discovered at Gangapitiya, near Ambakotte, Sri Lanka, in 1902 by G.T. Prior and A.K. Coomaraswamy. Prior and Coomaraswamy named the mineral ‘serendibite,’ which is derived from ‘serendib,’ an old Arabic term for Sri Lanka.
  • Serendibite is rarely found as facet-grade material. Before the 2005 discovery of serendibite in Mogok, Myanmar, there were only 3 known faceted serendibites, which were from the original Sri Lankan find.
  • The serendibite from Sri Lanka and Myanmar is believed to be the only sources for facet-grade material. Sri Lankan Serendibite was an attractive greenish or violet-blue, while the stones from Myanmar are dark black.
  • In the second half of the 1990’s, gem-quality serendibite was discovered from secondary deposits in the Ratnapura area of Sri Lanka.
  • The rare gem material, serendibite, is characterized with regard to gemological, chemical, and spectroscopic properties. Spectroscopic features such as US-Vis-NIR and infrared ranges, as well as Raman and photoluminescence data, are considered more for identification of serendibite.
  • Serendibite may be confused with sapphirine and zoisite due to similarity in color and almost identical properties but refractive indices, twinning, and spectra can be used to separate these gem materials.
  • The distinction from sapphirine and the known low-bearing, gem-quality serendibite can be made by careful measurement of refractive indices, with sapphirine having a higher refractive index of 1.700.
  • Higher contents of iron in serendibite may cause misleading refractive index readings and may require further gemological examinations such as spectroscopy and microscopy.
  • The optical properties and specific gravity of serendibite and zoisite may completely overlap. The color of the chromium and chromium-bearing Tanzanian zoisite is quite similar to serendibite.
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