Black Opal is a fan gem who is the main fanon character in the mini-series Under.


Black Opal has a very strong build and dark complexion. Their hair is a dark blue and their eyes are fully black with white pupils. A torn shirt, pants, and dark Green boots make up their outfit.




Black Opal has a very confusing personality, or a constantly changing one. They quickly go from being friendly and helpful to becoming aggressive and impatient. As a result most gems do not know how to act around Black Opal and are fearful that they could become angry for no apparent reason.

However, Black Opal appears to be kind at heart, but backwards about how they show it towards others.

Mainly, Black Opal knows about all things war related and all of the Diamond Authority interactions. They could be called a Conspiracy Theories, like Rolando, but even more extreme since they built a whole underground doomsday shelter.


Black Opal has standard gem abilities since they are a gem. In addition, they also have super strength, and are very knowledgeable about survival skills.

Black Opal's weapon is a slingshot.



So far, all that is known is that Ruby had helped Black Opal build their doomsday shelter. Ruby didn't plan on using it, until she saw the gem war start herself and ran to it, practically forcing herself in.

Lapis Lazuli



Image Description
Black Opal's gem is a multicolored gem. It is positioned in their chest.

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