Black Moonstone

Black Moonstone is half the size of a fully grown adult woman with storm gray skin, silver eyes, and jet black hair. She wears a black dress adorned with Pearls and a White Diamond symbol, to show her loyalty to her diamond, White Diamond. Her gemstone is located on her chest. She also wears navy blue boots with a White triangle.


Black Moonstone is a calm, collected gem. When she is angered though, she can become quite the violent gem. She shows an immense amount of devotion to her Diamond and would remain loyal to the time she is shattered. Sometimes Moonstone likes to get out her fun-loving side by preforming a dance similar to Jazz.


Cuprite - Friend

Black Moonstone knows very well that it is a disgrace to befriend a gem of lower status, but Cuprite had made her way into Black Moonstone's 'circle of trust'. Moonstone seems to adore Cuprite, and Cuprite seems to adore Moonstone as well.

White Diamond - Superior

White Diamond is Black Moonstone's superior.



Black moonstone's weapon is a Black and Dark Gray mace with uneven black spikes. The mace is adorned with rebel pearl gems.