Benotite is a gem in the "Trapped" series


Benotite is a child of Kyanite and a quartz.She was brutally taken from KY when BD and YD considered her a defect(though YD convinced BD) and thrown into a wide space for thousands of years as punishment for being one.She meets her half-sister,Celestite,in the "Trapped " series. When learning of roses rebellion she stated "she was too weak both in heart and in power.if it were me i would take the whole empire".


BE is arrogant and doesn't like to communicate with other gems who aren't lwayas about business.She's high-talking and high-acting and dreams of shattering the Diamonds.She is very sly and clever and is willing to be a bit manipulative and controlling when she has to be. She also tends to live like a noble ,despite HW trying to keep her away from in their society.


Benotite,has a dark blue,dark blue dress similar to Roses(no sleeves like Roses too) but more flower like along the whole dress.Her skin is a deep purple and her hair is in a bun. She has a star on her chest


Stardust Manipulation:The ability to manipulate remnants of cosmic substances