"Calcite" is a gem that was first introduced in Kindergarten Roleplay Part I.


he is 6' 4", wears a black trench coat with a white shirt, jeans and black combat boots. His gem is on his upper forehead, with a head of short hair. His skin is beige.


Night Vision: Calcite sees everything in broad daylight, no matter how dark it may be.

Color Refiguration: Calcite can change the color of his body, including regenerated clothes.

Negativity Detection: Calcite can detect excess amounts of negativity or positivity in a person or gem, no matter how well they hide it.


He appears to be a host for electricity, as he cannot be affected by electric shocks, instead absorbing them, and being able to use them elsewhere. With certain amounts of electricity, he gets shocked on his own, the higher the electricity, the more shocks per minute.

Also, he "shares" a gemstone with Limestone, connecting them physically, emotionally, and mentally. This makes it slightly harder for him to be affected by mind control or mind-altering effects.


Smart, Wise, and Jokey, Calcite has witnessed many of his allies die during the rebellion, giving him depression. He finds joy in bring joy to others. He is wise, but does not prefer to lead a team.


  • Limestone: Limestone is Calcite's best friend, and is a brotherly figure to him. While they can disagree at times, they are able to work together efficiently.
  • Aragonite: Calcite first found Aragonite in a Kindergarten, and has served as a mentor for her. Oddly, Calcite seemed to hit more of a hard spot with Aragonite than Limestone, as he is sometimes. critical of her. However, the two often do hang out and are rather friendly on most occasions.



I feel I am most fit to lead this expedition.

Thanks. Really helps my self-esteem.

No, you see, we were just looking for someone-

Don't worry, I'm not alone.

It's times like these where a person living in my subconscious comes in handy.

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