How my characters in my multiverse interact. Includes backstories.

The Imperial Heroes

Kornerupine and Prehnite both set off from the Homeworld of The Imperial Empire, Teguir.(Where it got its name from.) TIE as it's abbreviated, was an ally of Homeworld when the Rebellion broke out. These gems were sent to the planet Alpios to pick up mercenaries to help fight against the rebels. On their way, however, they get caught in a firefight between Rebels, other Imperials, and Dectolians above the planet Dectolian. They crash landed, and with the help of a native of the planet, Pleonast, they set off back to Alpios. They marched inland toward the camp of mercenaries, when they were ambushed by a group of rebels, with the mercenaries on their side. One of the more Homeworld-aligned mercenaries, Heulandite, turned against the rebels, and, with his help, they defeated the army that ambushed them. They now travel the universe, being best friends.


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