Azotic Topaz is a gemsona of Sunnygoldi's.


Azotic Topaz's orangeish-red bangs are a mess, often covering her eyes while her hair reaches her knees and is combed straight. Her skin is peach and she wears a reddish-orange homeworld uniform with long sleeves. Azotic Topaz's uniform bears a blue diamond where her chest is, signalling her loyalty to Blue Diamond.

Her skirt reaches her knees and is a light reddish orange. She wears orange ballet flats with simple laces.


Azotic Topaz likes exploring and discovering new things and adapts to change very quickly. She is usually upbeat and optimistic most of the time. She's very obedient to orders and will not hesitate to follow them, although she might ask a question or two. She tries to make friends with everybody, and when she fails, she gets very downhearted.

Azotic Topaz usually just tries to avoid conflict. She doesn't like violence nor war but ends up getting caught in it most of the time. When she is mad, she'll likely be more sad than she is mad.


Azotic Topaz possesses common gem traits and abilities


  • Sword Proficiency: Azotic Topaz is very skilled and graceful with her sword, almost flawless, although she does struggle to execute spinning attacks with it.
    • Sword-Thought Synchronization: When Azotic Topaz immerses herself in her battle, her sword will sense this and automatically synchronize with her thoughts, allowing Azotic Topaz to control her sword through thought, although she cannot levitate her sword.

Unique Skills

  • Pyrokinesis: Azotic Topaz can manipulate and generate fire.
  • Heliokinesis: Azotic Topaz can manipulate solar energy.
  • Gem-Projected Tablet: Azotic Topaz can project a tablet from her gem that can orgainize files and communicate with other tablets.


Azotic Topaz was once a normal orange topaz, but when she reached 10,000th birthday, the Diamonds chose her for an experimenting mission. The mission was successful and they changed her gem to an Azotic Topaz, changing her appearance but nothing else.