"Axinite" is a gem in that has been debuted in several role-plays, made by Democritos.


Axinite cares little for anything, and disregards everything. He will only protect those he care about, or are important to him.


Axinite has messy brown hair, light-brown skin, and onyx-brown eyes to match. He wears a black hooded sweater with dark grey shorts. His gem is placed on the back of his right hand.


  • Standard gem abilities.
  • Geokinesis - Equal in power to Lapis' hydrokinesis, Axinite can manipulate the earth, as well as substances with that element.
    • Cloning - Axinite is able to create weak gem soldiers from rock and sand. Such gems include:
      • Talc
        • With the ability of combat and flight, with a sword as a weapon.
      • White Calcite
        • With the ability to fight overseas with a bow and arrow.
      • Quartzite
        • A simple foot soldier who can combat enemies using a simple spear.
    • Seismic sense - Axinite, if blinded, can feel vibrations traveling through thee earth.


  • Axinite's powers do not work under or near water.


  • Axinite is considered to be a stone of truth and it is thought to help reveal inner-truths.
  • It has the metaphysical ability to assist in avoiding and resolving power struggles and other conflicts of authority, by increasing communication and reducing resentment.


Battle theme

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