"Australian Sapphire(AS)" is a gem made by BK.


He stands at 6' 6". He wears baggy, patched up pants and a gray, patched up tunic that goes down to his waist. He has spiked, white hair. He wears a combat boot on his left leg and a metal peg leg on his right. His skin is dark blue, and his gem is pentagonal faceted and light blue, located on his right shoulder. He wears six Homemade Grenades on his chest.


  • Explosives Expertise: AS is good at making explosives, and even better at using them in warfare. These include his Homemade Grenades, Concussion mines, his "Remote Controlled Explosive Device(RCED)" and his steel bear traps.
  • Total Mayhem: Upon being poofed, AS will drop six live Homemade Grenades around the location of his poofing. These, however, will not harm his own gem.


Slightly mutated and slightly insane, yet very NOT-slightly obsessed with explosives. Sometimes doesn't care about his personal safety.



It's a good day for some mayhem.

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