"Australian Jade(AJ)" is a gem made by BK.


He stands at 8' 5". He wears a black gas mask over his white, greasy hair, and blue jeans, with combat boots. He wears nothing over his upper body but a tattoo of a cartoon pig's face over his stomach, saying "Road Rage," and a small gray vest over his chest. His skin is dark green, and his gem is hexagonally faceted and located on his left shoulder.


  • Hook Proficiency: AJ can throw his hook on a chain a long distance at enemies and pull them towards him, or he can simply use it to harm others.
  • Personal Escape: AJ can easily get out of situations where he gets stuck, due to his brute strength and slippery skin.


Very tough and non-emotional. Always looks after Australian Sapphire, especially when he's in trouble.



I'm a one gem apocalypse.

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