Asterism Ruby Zoisite is a gemsona belonging to SourP.


Ruby Zoisite wears a green crop top, pink shorts, and green flats. She has dark pink spots all over her dark melon skin. Her square asterisk gemstone is located on her arm.


Ruby Zoisite acts confident, cheerful, and sociable in public. She acts the opposite when away from crowds/strangers. She acts very shy and prefers to be alone most of the time, sinking into her depressing thoughts. Glace and Ocean are the only gems who know her true nature.


Ruby Zoisite was formed alongside Glace and Ocean Jasper during the rebellion. The trio was worshipped by the other soldiers for their skill, leadership, and teamwork. The three would have been corrupted if it weren't for Ocean Jasper spin-dashing them into a nearby ship and getting their poofed gems off earth. The three happily go on missions together in present-time.


  • Forcefields: Ruby Zoisite can create a forcefield big enough to fit two gems other than herself. It'll break when hit around ten times.
  • Healing Hands: Ruby Zoisite can heal cracked gems. She can only effectively heal Glace or Ocean Jasper.


Glace: TBA

Ocean Jasper: TBA