Ask Wynter Gems is an ask blog on Tumblr made by N.R. Wynter. It's an interactive story driven by questions sent from people and their gemsonas. The blog was launched on September 29th 2016 and currently features one occupant.

Gem Occupants

Fire Agate

A hardworking and dedicated swordsman who can take on foes twice her size. Fire Agate was a well respected captain who served under Yellow Diamond. Now, she tries to adjust to her new lifestyle on Earth as leader of the Astro Gems

Notable Gem Guests

Blue Obsidian

A gem owned by TKPinkerton, is Fire Agate's best friend and a member of the Astro Gems. Optimistic yet cowardly, they're a retired veteran who fought in the Gem War. Blue Obsidian often geeks about campy comic books and get into idiotic competitions with Red Obsidian. They run their own ask blog called Ask TK's Gems.

Red Obsidian

Another gem owned by TKPinkerton, is the pessimist to Blue Obsidian's optimism. A brooding crybaby who tries too hard to look cool, Red Obsidian likes to rant about the importance of gritty comic books. They stand as the voice of reason to Blue Obsidian's antics, but often get swept by them. Along with the aforementioned obsidian, Red Obsidian also runs Ask TK's Gems.


Jet is a character owned by ADB-Fantasy. An old mining and construction gem who's blunt and provides dry-pan commentary. As her kind was replaced by newer gems, Jet was left to fend for herself during the Gem War and had joined a group of space pirates before meeting Fire Agate and the rest. Like Blue and Red Obsidians, she's part of an ask blog named Ask ADB's Gems.

Watermelon Tourmaline

A fusion of Green and Pink Tourmalines, owned by sentaiaddict and lupineskyes respectively. She is cheerful and sweet, but has a tendency to be naive and spacey. She's a specialist with flora on Earth and grows her own garden. Not much is known about Watermelon Tourmaline's past.

Main Storyline

No.1 Update Image Title Description Release Date
0 - 6
Introduction: Fire Agate The first entry of the ask blog.

Fire Agate introduces herself and explains her reason for making the blog.

September 29th, 2016
Needed Personal Space A familiar face tries being a little too affectionate with Fire Agate. October 2nd, 2016
Not A Swordsman Without Her Swords! Fire Agate talks about her summonable weapons. October 8th, 2016
Tootsie Gem Someone sends Fire Agate a pick up line. She doesn't take it well. October 18th, 2016.
Quite the View! Fire Agate explains she and her team live in a forest area. October 23rd, 2016.
Resident of Earth Vaguely mentioning how she ended up on Earth, Fire Agate expresses she hasn't gotten used to the planet yet. October 27th, 2016.
Distress Call In the middle of answering a question, Fire Agate receives an emergency telepathic message from Watermelon Tourmaline. November 3rd, 2016.