Aragonite is an OC belonging to Odrey that is one of the main characters in the cancelled series A Neptune Dilemma.


Look at the picture, because Odrey is extremely lazy.


AND spoilers probably. Will be filled in later.


Aragonite has a somewhat serious personality for her age. She is also rather mature for her age. She still enjoys childish things, and has a fondness for decorating. She is shown to care deeply about Bismuth.

Weapon & Abilities


TBA, likely AND spoilers


TBA spoilers aaahaahahaha


I said spoilers.


Nothing so far


Still nothing.


Odrey owns a piece of aragonite, and used it as reference when designing this OC.

Aragonite's original design for AND had longer, straighter hair, didn't have a hat, and there was no white cuff on her right sweater sleeve. She also used they/them pronouns.

Her design for Aragonite's Life had her hair in a messy pixie cut, lacked the hat, and she wore a "schoolgirl uniform"-type outfit.

Aragonite was created for a scrapped series named Aragonite's Life. This series may be revived as a short series, sort of a prequel to AND. Odrey hasn't decided yet.

Image Description
TBA Aragonite's gem is located on her right leg. It is smooth, and irregularly shaped with a hexagonal facet.
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