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This article follows the canon of CIU, which deviates greatly (for Treble in Tokyo) or even minorly (other fanons) from canon. No one else is obligated to follow the SV canon.


Aquamarine has extremely long sky blue hair which drags on the ground. Her skin is a powder blue and eyes are cyan. 


Like all Dancers, Aquamarine wears an all white, baggy uniform. Her uniform is split into top and bottom sections, the midsection open to display her gem, and two golden rings around her waist. At this time, Aquamarine only had two feet long dragon tendrils emerging from her hair. 


When she was corrupted, Aquamarine became a large and fearsome dragon, long and with many shades of blue and green. She resembled that of Chinese mythological dragons, two long tendrils atop her head and a mane lining her back.


Upon returning to a humanoid form, wears a cyan, sleeveless crop top and a matching pair of cyan shorts under a partial, fuscia blue buttcape. For shoes, she wears short top, light cyan boots.


Aquamarine is a fairly playful Gem, often getting in trouble with the authority but a generally kind soul. She makes the most of every day but is quick tempered and can often get her friends into a sticky situation without them realizing it sooner. Often, she plays games with the heads of others through riddles, tiptoeing around answers, giving irrelevant information, and sometimes literally playing a game.


Aquamarine possess standard Gem abilities and traits.


  • Dragon Form : While this is considered shapeshifting, Aquamarine spend half of her waking hours in a menacing dragon form in which she can deal a great amount of damage by smacking or breathing blue fire.

Unique Abilities

Other than taking on dragon form for extended periods of time, Aquamarine has no other unique abilities.


Shiva + Sodalite

The twin gems seem to get along fairly well with Aquamarine, despite her occasional slip ups.


Image Description
Aquamarine's gemstone is located on her stomach where a human navel would be, and is a cabochon in the shape of a heart.
A photo of an actual aquamarine.


  • Aquamarine is the first Dancer to advance into the Free class.
  • She is also lightly based on Fire Emblem: Fates' Aqua/ Azura.
  • She is the only Dancer on Agualinda who has ever shown their Gem during shows.


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