Apatite is the fusion of Purple Pearl, Indicolite and Lithia. She made her first appearance in The Se7en RP.


Apatite is a very tall fusion gem, a couple of inches taller than Sugilite. She has light blue skin and wild, frizzy teal hair that goes halfway down her back. She has four dark blue eyes, one pair in the center, and a thin, upper pair that act as eyebrows. She has a pointy nose like Pearl.


Apatite possesses standard gem abilities, such as shape shifting, weapon summoning, and bubbling. She has most of the powers of her fusers, but mostly uses abilities of her own. These include:

  • Weapon Proficiency- Apatite can summons the three gems weapons to use individually, combine them into different fusion weapons, or combine them into her own weapon, a double-sided scythe. She can use this to throw at multiple opponents or close-range to hit opponents twice as much. She can also spin the scythe like a boomerang to hit multiple targets.
    • Explosive Scythe- If Apatite spins he scythe fast enough, she can throw it at an intended target and make it explode, causing great damage.
  • Thundercloud Manipulation- Mixing indicolite and Purple Pearl's powers, Apatite can create cumulonimbus clouds to strike lightning and rain at her opponents. She can make the cloud as small or big as she needs to, dependent on who she is facing.
  • Electrokinesis- Like Indicolite, she can blast electric bolts from her hands.
  • Plant Manipulation- Like Lithia, she can grow vines to tangle enemies. she can also emit plant spores from her hands.
  • Psammokinesis- Like Purple Pearl, she can control amounts of sand. She can't, however, control glass.


Apatite is a very stable fusion, due to the gems relationships with each other. She shows to be very proud, as she enjoys showing off, but she she can get distracted, liking to observe her surroundings.However, if there is a very important task at hand, she will put her focus on it.


Whenever Apatite is formed, whoever is there she usuallly shows off in front of, but she does, however have notable relationships

Cat's Eye (Agunachopace.)

Cat;s Eye was the first gem to witness Apatite and her oldest friend. Whenever the meet, they are always on good terms.


  • Lithia has stated that Apatite is very hard to form, as it takes concentration.
    • Even though Apatite retains all three gems powers, she cannot control glass, or summon holograms.


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