"Apatite" is a gem that has yet to appear.


She stands at 5' 6". She has light-blue skin, with an aquamarine colored gem on the palm of her right hand. She has thick, dark black hair that goes down to her upper back. She wears a black robe with a white trim, and straight-up black sandals. Her pupils change color occasionally, but most of the time they are blue.


  • Lord of the Dead: Apatite can speak to dead and shattered gems, and take things from them(where she gets her shadow weapons.) She can also summon their spirit and make them do her bidding, as they can harm others, but they cannot be harmed. Pupil color decides intensity and control of these spirits, but she can easily pass out if she summons spirits too much. Controlling spirits requires full concentration. Her spirits are just black outlines of their former selves in shadow, yet also showing their eyes and a cracked gem in the color and placement where they used to be. Each dead spirit has their own shadow weapon.
  • Deathly Aura: Apatite is closely linked with the dead, and can tell if a certain object is dead or on the verge of dying, and can detect dying or dead objects all around her. Others can feel the presence of death near her, due to the spirits she communicates with.
  • Proper Burial: Apatite can travel into the upper crust of the earth, but only when there is a large deathly aura there.


Dark and closely linked with the dead, Apatite is reclusive and shy, and tries not to reveal her secret, but extremely skilled in combat with her shadow weapons. However, she is also extremely curious about the world, like she's not from there...




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