Anyolite is Domo's Gemsona.


Anyo is an average height, at 5"7. She wears a pastel pink jumpsuit with a white diamond on the chest. Her skin is a pale vine green. For shoes, Anyolite wears surprisingly, white converse. Her hair is shaved off one side and the other side, curly, flowing hot pink locks, at the tips it's a vine green. She has slightly big lips and her eyes are a pure green.


Anyolite is a very refined gem. She is graceful in fight and in general. She likes to make things as detailed as possible, showing from her umbrella. She has a little giggle that is really adorable. All in all she is very graceful, sweet, and a bit of a snob at times.

Although, at times she can be easily annoyed, pissed at everything, and stoic. This mostly happens when people interact with her. aka she doesn't want to be in any complex relationships.


Anyolite possesses standard Gem abilities, including shape-shifting, weapon-summoning, fusion,bubbling, regeneration, and superhuman strength/durability. As a Zoisite Gem she was created to be a warrior/ and or actress. She is proficient in both combat as well as military command.


  • Parasol Proficiency: Anyolite is capable of doing great feats with her Parasol. She is skilled enough to use it in acts, she also is adept enough to use it in combat. Usually, Anyolite is quite dexterous, agile and acrobatic.
  • Martial Arts: Anyolite is likewise prone to mixing up her weapon-based attacks with martial arts moves, such as grappling, punching, or simply slicing at her opponent. Due to the nature of her weapon, the two styles mix seamlessly and combine into a powerful, but ultimately graceful fighting style with immense collateral damage.

Unique abilities

  • Cryokinetic Combat: Anyolite  is able to utilize ice manipulation with their physical combat, allowing them to both create tools and weapons for attack and manipulate the environment for their advantage (freezing the ground, sudden ice-walls, etc.).
  • Foliokinesis: Anyo can create, shape and manipulate leaves, including fronds, conifer needles, leaves of flowering plants, sheath leaves found in most grasses, etc. She can cause leaves to grow, move/attack, mutate leaves by rearranging DNA structure, and revive withered or dead leaves. She uses this more often than her other abilities.


  • She loves puns.
  • Anyolite was originally Fluorite
  • She's basically Domorique.
  • She prefers to be called "Ruby in Zois" but everyone calls her "Anyo" :8^>
  • Anyolite is Aromantic, meaning that she is a person who experiences little or no romantic attraction to others.


  • Anyolite is often advertised as a form of zoisite but in actual fact it is a metamorphic rock
  • It is composed of multiple stones including, green zoisite, dark green pargasite and ruby
  • The term anyolite is not an officially accepted name for rock however
  • It is said it is named after the Maasai word "Anyoli" meaning "green"


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