Anyolite is one of Rose's Quartz's loyal soldiers during the rebellion. She appears in Time And Time Again.


Anyolite's hair is split of light green and light pink with blotches of each mixed in. Her skin is light green and she wears a light pink tanktop and skirt. On the skirt is a darker blotch of pink. she wears light pink shoes. Her gem is a mix of green and red with a hexagonal facet.


In her only current appearance, Anyolite is ruthless and fierce towards those who she has a vendetta against. Much of this is just her warmheartedness and kindness to those she loves and cares about. She is angry at the Homeworld Gems due to massacre of her people plotted by Afghanite and her friends.

This also makes Anyolite very unaware and naive, this is because she is often so wrapped up in her devotion towards her people and Mother Quartz, that she often loses herself in the war.








  • Anyolite is often advertised as a form of zoisite but in actual fact it is a metamorphic rock
  • It is composed of multiple stones including, green zoisite, dark green pargasite and ruby
  • The term anyolite is not an officially accepted name for rock however
  • It is said it is named after the Maasai word "Anyoli" meaning "green"
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