"Angel Aura" (specifically Angel Aura Quartz Facet 2Y9F, Cut 3FR) is a gem living on Earth.


Angel Aura doesn't usually act very serious, she's carefree and silly. She enjoys human activities like watching TV, shopping and studies karate


Angel Aura is not as muscle-bound as other Quartzes, due to her exit hole in The Kindergarten being very thin. Though she does have approximately the height of an Amethyst. Her color palette mainly consists of pastel pinks and light purples. She wears a crop top and skirt that features her team's "X" symbol. She's also wearing green boots and multi-colored socks (featuring the pan flag's colors) and paster blue wrist bands.


As most Gems, she is able to shapeshift, create bubbles, regenerate, and summon her weapon, which is a staff/scepter



Angel and Onyx are close friends, Angel finds it very funny when Onyx gets upset and does minor things to make him angry with no bad intentions. Angel has fun with Onyx, playing with them, spending time together and going out.


Angel and Pyrope are good friends, they both enjoy going out in public and hanging out with humans.

Ice Quartz

Angel and Ice Quartz are good friends, they often go out to get used to Earth a little more.


  • None really. Lmao.


Pointy and multicolored


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