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Ane'la Andara is an essential and primordial character in CRV2.


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Ane'la has shown to be a rebellious gem, with a serious, well crafted attitude. He overall knows what to say, when to say it, and how to say it, keeping his emotions from ruling completely over his physical actions. He is a gem sure of what he can do, knowing he could finish of Divine Fire if he truly wanted.

But, Ane'la has a weak spot, and that is Luminiscent Green, a gem that Ane'la would do almost anything for, even subdue to Divine Fire, whom holds envy towards Ane'la.


  • Hydrokinesis & Cryokineis: Ane'la can manipulate water, reshaping, moving, freezing, attrating and repelling water in many ways, from creating a enoumous water arm or creating ice Stalactites or spikes.





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