Amazonite is a character who appears in New Home. She was created by MooMooofDoom. This page was created with permission.


Amazonite has a unique appearance, lacking legs in favor of another extension of her torso resembling a tail or possibly the abdomen of an insect--sometimes described as a "buzz butt" due to her resemblance to a wasp or a bee. She has blue skin and pale hair. Her eyes are green and her nose is pointed.

Her outfit is mainly blue-green in color; she wears something like a halter top bearing a blue diamond insignia, green gloves with bluish fingers, and a green-striped garment of some sort covering her buzz butt. She wears a light blue visor, almost the same color as her hair. Her gem is rhombus-shaped and located on her belly.







  • Levitation: As she doesn't have legs, Amazonite instead moves around by levitating.
  • Technopathy: Amazonite can control the entire ship--or any technology that she plugs in to--and has a link to the yellow robonoids.


Yellow Diamond

Amazonite was assigned to Yellow Diamond a few hundred years after the war for the planet Earth and has been serving her for thousands of years, well over half her lifetime and longer than her own Diamond. When the two met, Amazonite was enthusiastic to work with her, though Yellow Diamond wanted to trade her in for a different gem of her type. The two seem to have been getting along professionally for the next few thousand years before Steven arrived on board. Since then, their relationship has been strained.


Steven and Amazonite officially met when Steven was searching for a way to send a message to the Crystal Gems. Amazonite misled him into believing she was going to help him and led him to a room where she instead attempted to contact White Diamond. She despises having him on the ship since she blames his presence for Yellow Diamond's sudden, almost rebellious, nature.

White Diamond

Although not made for White Diamond, Amazonite was handpicked by her to work with Yellow Diamond. Because of this, she is very eager to do a good job with the task White Diamond assigned her.

Blue Diamond

Amazonite was made for Blue Diamond's court. She has the utmost respect for her Diamond.