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This article follows the canon of CIU, which deviates greatly (for Treble in Tokyo) or even minorly (other fanons) from canon. No one else is obligated to follow the SV canon.


Almandine in an average height gem of burnt sienna skin and long, red hair pulled back into a loose ponytail. She has a basic fashion sense of a reddish brown turtle neck and red-orange skirt, her boots a darker brown.


Almandine is a generally quiet and defensive gem. She usually gets her way, and when she doesn't, she fights for it. Alma easily gets around tight spaces and is able to sneak her way around people to get to what she wants. While not generally known to be the most friendly of Gems, she is able to make some relationships with others.


Almandine possesses standard Gem abilities and traits.


  • Knife Proficiency : Due to her weapon being knives, specifically those for throwing, Almandine is skilled with close and ranged combat.
    • Accuracy : With this, she also has heightened accuracy from many years of practice.

Unique Abilities

  • None as of yet.



Almandine and Red Flame are often seen working together and traveling outside the High Caste's castle together.


Image Description
Argyle's gemstone is located on the back of her left hand and is a teardrop shape with matching facet.
A photo of an actual Almandine gem.


  • None as of yet.


Nothing yet.

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