Allactite is a character from the Phoenix Minerals Series. She is a friend of Jixianite and she the master of Zemannite.


Allactite has a quite and thoughtful personality, always staying hours thinking and investigation about the history of gems. She is quite introvert when it comes to meeting new people, relying mostly on her friends' introductions, but becomes decided and extrovert when she is alone.

She prefers to use old trash technology the Diamond Authority and other gems throw away, since she believes its can never become useless and this technology hold the past that shall never be forgotten, as well as her love for rebuilding utilizing old scrapped pieces and trash materials found in destroyed areas of the planet.


She is a Fairly tall gem, ranging from 1.60 -1.80 mts. tall depending on her stance. She has a diamond in the middle area of her torso, the diamond stretches a line upwards and downwards dividing her body in to half, one purple, the other red. From her waist down, she has a dark red pant, directly followed by a pair of Red and white boots. Her skin is a brown-red color, and her hair is a dark and pale red. She wears a Visor that reassembles a pair glasses from the Far. She also wears a Transparent cloak on her left side. Her gem is located on her lower back.


Unlike most gems, most of her abilities are unknown, but The Great Diamond Authority believes she can project images, holograms and shape-shift.

Unique Abilities

  • Technopathy: Allactite is capable of communicating and manipulating with machines. She has been shown to be adept at this ability, despite having used it for just a few weeks, doing feats like hacking into Homeworld systems and databases without being detected for various hours.
    • Digital Mimicry: Allactite has the capability of interacting with data by mentally inhabiting technology.


  • Allactite is a rare arsenate mineral of metamorphosed manganese zinc ore deposits. It is found in Sweden and New Jersey, US. Its name originated from Greek αλλάκτειν (allaktein) meaning "to change", referring to the strong pleochroism of the mineral.
    • This name origin is alluded as Allactite is a gem that is going through a change, both in her personality and loyalties, as she can not trust in anyone at this time.
    • It is also a reference to her abilities suddenly appearing and her need to learn how to properly use them.


  • Like Jixianite she is a Mineral, a Gem with no Purpose.
    • Unlike Jixianite, the fact that she discovered her main ability puts her closer to being given a purpose in Homeworld.

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