Notice: The information here does not follow traditional Steven Universe canon, though according to Amethystkitten it is considered canon in her universe.

Afghanite is an OC created by Amethystkitten and the protagonist of Time And Time Again.


Afghanite has cobalt hair that is tied in pigtails and is a messily split towards the right on her forehead. Her eyes are narrow and turquoise and she has a slightly pointed nose. She wears a cyan bodysuit with a short skirt and a large v-neck. She wears cyan ballet flats. Her gem is a teardrop shaped on on her belly.


Afghanite is very snarky and sarcastic, she often scoffs and rolls her eyes when she sees that either Rose Water Opal or Cuprite has done something foolish. Despite this she is the gem anyone would request advice from. She often takes a situation non-seriously due to her sarcastic nature but once she understands the depth of the situation will become far more open and understanding. She is also the most observant and smartest member of the group and adores the Earth for it's sunrises. Though it is clear she envies how deep the connection between Cuprite in Rose Water Opal is, when she travels back in time to save them it is shown she really cares for them despite her jealousy.


Time Travel: Afghanite has the power of Time Travel which she can utilize at anytime, and in any place. However she can not control how far she goes back in time and when she does, all other versions of herself that would be present cease to exist.

Time Manipulation: Afghanite while being able to travel in time can also manipulate time as well. This includes stopping time for short duration that she can not control as well as possibly speeding it up and slowing it down. However as she was not taught to use these powers by Homeworld, they are very wonky and inconsistent.



Afghanite holds a lot of respect for Cuprite. She considers herself "better" than Cuprite in many ways and often chastises Cuprite for many things. A lot of this however is Afghanite's jealousy of the closeness shared between Rose Water Opal and Cuprite. However it is shown she only wishes to protect her friends hence why she stops running when she realizes the Homeworld ship wants her and not her friends.

Rose Water Opal

The relationship between Rose Water Opal and Afghanite has not been very far explored but is clear she does respect her but again is very jealous of Rose Water Opal. Because of this she acts like quite a jerk towards Rose Water Opal much to her confusion.


  • Her original appearance was meant to resemble Marinette from Miraculous Ladybug. However when she was redrawn this detail was scrapped.


  • Afghanite takes its' name from the place it was discovered, Afghanistan.
  • Afghanite appears in veinlets within lazurite within the afghan mine
  • It typically occurs with sodalite minerals


Image Description
Afghanite's gem is a large blue teardrop that is located on her stomach. It has a semi ovular facet. It much resembles the gem of Lapis Lazuli.
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