A New Star, A New Beginning is the first episode of Journey Through Earth. It was released in January 5th, 2016. The episode is the pilot for the series.


The episode begins where a young Kunzite is watching stars with her parents, playing with her parents, and finally her becoming a teen and growing up. The real episode starts after the flashback ends and Kunzite wakes up, with the house dead silent. To her dismay, she finds her parents' shattered gem on the floor with a bunch of broken glass and a window. Kunzite falls to the ground and clutches their gems, holding onto whatever she could have left of them.

After the theme song, it reveals Kunzite is hiding behind a crate in a transportation station. She states that she is ready to flee to Earth and clutches the necklace, which holds her parents' shattered gem pieces. Kunzite spies on a nearby gem leaving in a shuttle, and it indeed is Cherry herself. At the same time, a gem guard spots Kunzite and yells at her asking what she is doing. Kunzite quickly scrambles causing several guards to chase after her.

Right before Cherry leaves, Kunzite jumps out and grabs the handle and hangs on for dear life. Kunzite quickly climbs up onto the shuttle just as it departs the station with Cherry and Kunzite on it. The guards rush out and shout at the shuttle to come back, however, the shuttle launches and takes off. Kunzite scrambles in, much to Cherry's surprise. In self defense, she grabs a broom and threatens Kunzite asking what she is doing here.

Kunzite explains why, although Cherry seems to not buy it as she glares and says nothing as they approach Earth. Eventually, they began talking about their families and why they are here. Cherry, noticing the high pressure, realizes the shuttle is about to crash!

They fearfully cling onto a bar and crash onto the surface, finding themself in a forest. Kunzite asks if Cherry can fix it, who replies, "Can't you see? It's in fire and in shambles. I may be an expert but I can't fix something like this." Kunzite and Cherry walk trying to find their way out, as the camera pans to the stars appearing on the sky, and the episode ends.

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