Shards were flying in the air. Dust and mineral powder spread thru the air.

The sweet smell of war...

Flower knew it had to end soon, it just HAD to. She hated hurting Gems, much less poofing and shattering them. She knew how important this would be, but...

Chrysoberyl looked at her, frightened, not for her own life but for Flower's. She found her extremely vital to her own existence, and could not imagine a life without her. She smiled at Flower and kissed her cheek, trying to make her feel better. Flower smiled.


Chrys and Flower's short moment was soon interrupted. They knew that voice came from Rose, their leader. And they knew why. A soft, low song, sounding as a sweet hum, started playing as a light started flashing throughout the sky.


Flower and Chrys started running to the Rose Quartz holding a shield. The light started getting closer, and the hum started sounding like high, metal screeching, but they kept running. They were so close.

The light crept closer, and the song got WORSE.

Chrysoberyl knew one way or the other, she had to protect Flower. It was her duty as a knight. As the light almost got to her face, Chrys pushed Flower behind the shield.

She would fall prey to corruption.

"Ch-Chrysoberyl!", Flower screamed as the song and light went away. She held onto her friend's hand as purple liquid started coming from her now hollow mouth and eyes. "D-dont worry, Chrysoberyl, Flower will get you to Rose so she can heal you! And we can be together after, just like when your Gem cracked!"

Chrysoberyl held Flower's hand. She started making sad, animalistic noises. ""

She sputtered and coughed as she started changing...

Chrysoberyl no longer was the yellow humanoid she used to be. She had grown slime on her entire body, and smelled putrid enough for ferns to grow on it. She lost an eye, and the one she had kept turned into a large "x". Flower looked at the salamander-like being that used to be her friend.
Chrys corrupted

" can't be just gotta be okay, you just gotta", Flower said, on the verge of tears. By the time Chrys had hissed in response, Flower was already sobbing.

It was not until after a full minute of crying did Flower notice Chrys was...purring?...on her, trying to calm her down and make her happy, even if she didn't fully understand why. Flower smiled down at her. Maybe she was corrupted, but that doesn't mean they couldn't be friends...and even though she was corrupted, Flower wanted to make her feel welcome the whole way. She hugged Chrysoberyl, knowing there was still the insane, yellow Gem inside her.

Rose smiled at them.